Stove Top Brewing

Existing CBD N/A Beer Company developed by two entrepreneurs from Chicag based out of South Florida. We posses existing products containing CBD isolate, full spectrum and Delta 8.

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We are a start-up, CBD beer/beverage company with a CBD beer product in place and also working on some alternative health products that possess up to 92 minerals that connect to the human blood stream through a Double Helix DNA Plant.  We are  entrepreneurs that possess extensive experience in technology, marketing, consulting and operating for large corporate firms, restaurants, beverage companies and the hospitality industry in general.  We produced a high-quality NA/Beer out of a South Florida Brewery (Ready for market).  We also produced a 0.0% N/A beer flavored, carbonated beverage out of Germany (Also ready for market).  For each type of beverage, we posses a CBD emulsified liquid out of Aspen Colorado:
A) An isolate CBD containing zero THC
B) A full spectrum CBD with 3% THC 
C) A Delta 8 CBD  
We have potential clients  lined-up in Chicago and MI through two IL distributors and a distributor in WI with market share in the Milwaukee county area.   We are also working with a distributor out of Nevada that supplies CBD products for stores throughout the West Coast.  In FL, we are on tap at the brewery and getting 5-gallon kegs into various restaurants.  We are self-funded and need seed money to purchase, can and keg enough beer to handle the clients on-the-table (Plus some equipment such as Kegs, tap handles, coolers, etc.).  We need PR, promotional vehicles for events, marketing budgets, technology and  more.  We also need to pay our legal so we can get the necessary paperwork completed for a larger raise.   

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