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Creating an Alternative Source of Fresh Drinking Water for a Thirsty Nation

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Rainwater Capture:  Project Highlights

1)     New Market – New Technology
2)     Tremendous Profit Potential
3)     Alternative Source of Water 
4)     The Solution to Water Scarcity 
5)     End the need for Recycled Water (treated wastewater) & Desalination 

Water scarcity has become a global issue and more than 1.2 billion people lack access to clean drinking water.  Many western states in the U.S. are experiencing extreme water shortages, creating a market for freshwater.   Despite California’s long drought, after every rain event, trillions of gallons of rainwater wastefully flow into the ocean.  If we could capture just a small percentage of what is wasted – we can make a significant difference.  The rain that flows into the ocean is contaminated – it is muddy, and it contains chemicals, pesticides, and bacteria – water that needs to be treated - which over time can be expensive and time-consuming.  
Capturing rain before it makes contact with the ground will allow us to provide billions of gallons of pure drinking water to those afflicted by drought and water scarcity sooner rather than later.   During a thunderstorm, one inch of rain falling in just over one square mile will result in approx. 17 million gallons!  We have designed large tent funnels that capture rainwater that drain directly into a large-capacity tank that can store up to 600,000 gallons of fresh water at each location.  

With our innovative and groundbreaking technology, we strive to make a difference to fight Climate Change & Global Warming that is producing severe drought and water shortages across the country.  Founded in 2021, our incredible team has worked tirelessly to bring Creative Solutions to the forefront of the industry.  We will continue to work relentlessly to become the technological standard, providing insight with a fresh perspective and solutions for industries that depend on fresh drinking water.

The water industry is in desperate need of an alternative source of drinking water.  Rainwater harvesting can serve domestic, agricultural, and even industrial needs, and thus relieve the growing pressure on groundwater and freshwater resources.  Rainwater capture enhances the resilience of rural communities impacted by climate change.  The need for fresh water is at an all-time high demand as we endure severe drought and water scarcity on a grand scale.  Capturing rain is an alternative source of drinking water that is unpolluted, cost-effective, and is the solution to water scarcity.   
Our objective is to capture fresh rainwater in geographical areas where rain is pervasive such as the Caribbean (Hurricane Alley) during the summer months during tropical storms which can yield billions of gallons of water in which a tanker ship can haul 120 million gallons of water.   Also, placing these funnels in the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, and Northern California) during the winter will also yield millions of gallons of drinking water. 
Target Market:  Domestic customers will include American Water Works, the largest publicly-listed water company in the US, the Metropolitan Water District of Northern & Southern California, Wholesale Suppliers of water to local agencies, Public Water Agencies, Retail Water Dispensers, Retail Bottled Water Companies, Farming & Agriculture Industries.  International customers will include Middle Eastern Countries (Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia), Israel, China, and Africa.  

At this time we are in the process of submitting a US Patent and we are working on product design.   

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