Stoned App

Stoned App is raising 100k, for product development and connecting with more businesses around the country, and offering more services within the platform.

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Stoned App is a social media cannabis community app, that connects cannabis businesses and local people onto a single platform. People can connect, learn, and share new ideas with other users. Not only can users connect and interact with other cannabis smokers, users are able to view local products posted by cannabis based businesses. The user is able to search and explore through the listings, and categories to find exactly what they are in search for! 

We connect the cannabis businesses directly with their target demographic, and give the user a platform to feel safe and explore their cannabis side! 
Stoned App allows the community to find and connect directly with the business in order to get the product they need or want! We offer more opportunity to the busniess in a growing industry! 

Stoned App will be the Cannabis platform that will connect and allow the community to grow into a way of life! 

Stoned App is free to download. Get it on the App Store and Google Playstore!  

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