Dynamic Dimenzions, LLC

The launch of 5 patents to grow a retail, wholesale and event venue global-enterprise with 100% marketability.

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Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF); Dynamic Dimenzions, LLC is the company; the (5) initial inventions associated with the business are the projects in which we are seeking funding. Funding will accommodate: a 3 year leases brick and mortar storefront, operating cost, manufacturing cost, marketing campaign, Search Engine Optimization, inventory, and recurring supplies needed to continually create year-round patented as well as unpatented, copy-written or branded created products; all with 100% marketability. The concept behind this start-up is the ability to create new and recurring products continually and under the Dynamic Dimenzions, LLC brand and line while growing to its 80% stock of the brand. This funding request supports putting the first 5 patents into the market so that we are able to grow to the hundreds of millions needed to launch the full capability of Dynamic Dimenzions, LLC platform, a multi-billion dollar valuation, on a global scale. Launching the inventions first also allows time for us to safely gauge our customers until such time that the pandemic allows for opening the full model, to include world-class entertainment.  For this introduction, we will focus on the business aspect in which the inventions are homed.  Even though licensing agreements provide a quick launch and throw the project into the stratosphere so to speak, the plan for Dynamic Dimenzions, LLC to gain a bigger margin of its inventions through its marketing campaigns. 


~ Business description ~
A Global Retail, Wholesale, Entertainment Event Venue, and Enterprise Business Development Platform

~ Market Size ~
Last year, Americans spent over $693.35 billion on new products 

~ Market Growth ~
It is estimated that by 2026, the retail and entertainment industry will collectively be an $800 billion dollar industry

~ Monetizing ~
Dynamic Dimenzions, LLC will create an income in profits per order from its owned inventions, inventory, and patent licensing

~ Traction ~
This is a new business start-up that was set to launch pre-COVID but has been strategically pushed back to realign its business model seeing how the entertainment arena is under heavy COVID restrictions, so the plan is to take this downtime to reflect on the new inventions and the lengthy process that the products have to endure before approval form government offices, such as the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and Library of Congress (LOC). To date, Dynamic Dimenzions, LLC has acquired its domain name, created its business logo, attained all legal requirements for starting and running a business in Virginia as well as obtaining the initial insurance for business coverage. The website has been launched, the incorporation has been completed. We've started purchasing supplies for the continuation of product creations requiring copyrights as well as licensing on an Enterprise User License Agreement (EULA), as needed. Dynamic Dimenzions, LLC has submitted (5) inventions to the USPTO and received its first approved patent - GRID-LOCX - a strategic, multi-level board game which we've been working with a leading manufacturing firm, to include; the prototype, model, art, videos, and animated marketing video. Dynamic Dimenzions, LLC has already entered into an agreement with a leading licensing firm to have the game submitted to 45+ stores and leading and competitive board game companies. As of July 2021, the Founder received notice of acceptance for his next patent to be released - the Viral Shield – VS-2000 - a clear face, two sectional personal protective equipment (PPE) mask, designed with a new, state of the art electronic compartment for future electronic WI-FI communications. The VS-2000 has also been submitted into the USPTO Humanity Award for 2021 and is currently awaiting selection.  The Founder has been meeting with several major book marketing companies for launching a marketing campaign for his 4, mixed-genre novels. He has also been meeting with several major marketing teams as a precursor for the relaunch of the Dynamic Dimenzions, LLC, new face, on its website where it will showcase its new inventions, new clothing line, home decor, and wholesale level products. To date, there have been an accumulation of over 5,000 followers on the Facebook business account and mini-campaigns are being run across other multi-level marketing sites in preparation for the first patent and products launch. NOTE: The key to success is strong marketing and visibility, which we plan to accomplish through SEO and marketing.

~ Team/Experience ~
Dynamic Dimenzions, LLC's  Team consists of over 150 years combined experience from a mixed genre business perspective, which includes retail, inventions submission, author submission, entertainment, graphics, animation, art, editing, and food service. The founder has hundreds of inventive concepts which he plans to introduce to the market at the rate of five per year (minimal); under the name of Dynamic Dimenzions, LLC. Most team members own their own business so there is a strong collaboration amongst the teams and there are also second and third layers of the team to support business owners' schedules, in order to meet all demands of Dynamic Dimenzions, LLC.

CONTACT: If you would like to hear more about this excellent investment opportunity please contact Mr. Robert L Peterson-Fikes at [email protected], to schedule a telephone conference.

 NOTE: If you require a deeper look into the business then please continue reading about Dynamic Dimenzions (DNDMZ), LLC

Mission Statement:
DYNDMZ, LLC – a start-up enterprise retail development business, wholesale distribution & entertainment management solution; specializing in entrepreneurial business inceptions. Producing the highest of quality products, services, and business venture portfolios, while doing business as (DBA) DYNDMZ, LLC. Daily; we develop, launch and manage internal and external business portfolios, i.e., Eventfully Yourz, LLC (event halls), Bereavement Plus (shop), LaunchPad (invention showcases), Azreayl’s (co-event hall restaurant) as well as other business initiatives, to grow the brand. DYNDMZ, LLC pushes a wide array of highly marketable products; i.e., household, bridal, mommy & me, full-scale women, men, infant-children clothing and accessories, household accessories, toys, games, and other business-mission oriented products which we make locally and brand with the DYNDMZ logo. Due to COVID, we have had to realign the interoperability phase-in but we are ready to move forward on a smaller scale with plans of reaching the full scope at a slower rate.  The DYNDMZ business plan provides a high-level view of the vision & reality of this astronomical enterprise. DYNDMZ, LLC is built on cutting-edge products & technology, high-level business projections, networking, guarantor positioning, wholesale distribution, home-based business initiatives, continual portfolio creations, and skilled event planning. DYNDMZ, LLC has a stellar business model- one self-sustaining with astronomical networking & partnering strategies. So, if you are serious about that next huge & successful portfolio; DYNDMZ, LLC is that dream investment. I cordially invite you to assess the full plan, which requires one round of funding.    

DYNDMZ, LLC business model and plan provide an exceptional return on investment (ROI). Your generous funding creates a monetary platform for DYNDMZ and addresses self-employment and employment on a global scale and works to support (5) global issues: poverty, plastic footprint consumptions, homelessness, shelters, and hunger.
 A clear understanding of the business model allows you to easily see the dream and vision as well as how this project guarantees, no loss with your hard-earned investment dollars. Should you move forward to review the summary & business plan and it doesn’t align with your current investment vision; I kindly ask that you please forward this business opportunity to other interests, partners, or affiliates. Your referral is greatly appreciated and vital to creating DYNDMZ, LLC’s cornerstone!  

As for the business behind the products; Dynamic Dimenzions, LLC is a production-ready; global retail, wholesale, and event venue start-up. It is designed with co-located event venue and restaurant, investment opportunity with an astronomical and award-winning business model, that brings the people to the products! DYNDMZ, LLC is a multi-billion dollar, no-to very low risk, money maker. Overall, it is a mega job creator once reaching its Full Operational Capability (FOC), which includes over 50 plus businesses entities and global business networking to include home-based business and training inception programs. DYNDMZ, LLC is a reachable vision, based on its continual throughput of new, innovative inventions. The return on investment (ROI) far exceeds that of most exceptional and promising start-ups, and in a short time; due to its 100% marketability and versatile business model, which encompasses several inbound-outbound cash flows. Note - Due to COVID 19 the event and entertainment are on hold so the business focus is retail and wholesale with the new inventions being the spearhead and forerunner. 

 Initial/seed stage round; To date; Dynamic Dimenzions, LLC does not have any debt or shareholders. The requested seed amount for this project is 1 Million USD, in debt funding; to launch (5) leased storefronts in several states, several online presences, purchases of household, retail, and general merchandise at 10% of the cost, the purchase of full-scale wholesale purchased inventory; the support patents of recurring, new inventions submissions, trough the Library of Congress (copyrights cost), United States Patenting and Trademark - USPTO (patent and attorney patenting cost). Funding supports the cost of current inventory; manufacturing, assembly of 90 ready - 100% marketable products; copy-written and patented; to include (34) 4 tiered inspirational art/prints, (4) copy-written novels, (20) inspirational cards, (30) copy-written DYNDMZ logo’d clothing & gratis, and inventions as mentioned above. It launches a 60% marketability share campaign with external client’s inventions submissions and lastly,  it provides an adjoining, physical business model; retail business and venue, for selling our brand and hosting catered and un-catered year-round functions. Note: Due to its strong networking and marketing strategy, DYNDMZ, LLC could easily exceed its seed round in less time than projected. Other uses include: patent; design, layout, manufacturing, assembly, shipping, and handling of new or improved patented inventions, between a major retailer and mom & pop storefronts, contracted sales vendors, and home-based staffing as it becomes available. Note: Funding enables DYNDMZ, LLC to surge during the production of its new inventions; making these products readily available to meet the demands of networking partners and clients. This funding also supplements accounts payable and receivable, on a recurring basis while growing the DYNDMZ, LLC brand.
Launching background: To date, DYNDMZ, LLC Founders' initial production line has been funded through personal savings, checking, credit cards, line of credit, and 401Ks. DYNDMZ, LLC’s uniqueness is its ability to create recurring, inventions, and brand, with 100%; marketability. DYNDMZ’s business concept at FOC brings people-products; together through recurring, year-round events, which keeps our products before consumers, customers, and clients. 
Ultimate goal-setter: This funding request is a bare minimum funding requirement that will be used to grow additional funding needed for the full launch of the DYNDMZ, LLC enterprise from a global perspective. DYNDMZ, LLC’s versatile business model enables global expansion of the DYNDMZ brand; and acquires a huge, mixed-genre, global, and cultural base for inception. The model’s high-level operational scheme is Global retail - a huge global retail base/Single-wholesale – a huge global wholesale-retail base, and/Global entertainment/venue – a huge global consumer, customer, and client base.  The total business concept enables DYNDMZ to network with existing major brands, to initially pushing its products through contracted, and inception channels; while building out it's global platforms. Our vision positions DYNDMZ as a global joint retail, wholesale, and entertainment solution. The immediate need for strong financial support stems from patenting, manufacturing, the 3-year lease of a brick & mortar storefront, and networking. We have the perfect legal team, developers, author, graphic artist, event coordinator, event coordinators, editors, inventor, retail coordinator, and a pool of entrepreneurs to launch and sustain a successful campaign. 
 INVESTMENT TERM: 10years (Optional)
INTEREST RATE: 10% per annum
REPAYMENT SCHEDULE: Principal and Interest Loan Repayment calculated and paid annually. No early repayment penalty
GRACE PERIOD:1year (Not Compulsory),  in order to accommodated processing timeframes imposed by the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), Library of Congress (LOC), plus other external businesses slow-downs posed by COVID 19. 
Assessment: The beauty of DYNDMZ, LLC is scalability and the ability to surge during manufacturing and production phases in order to fulfill emergent stocking demands. Through many facets of the business model, DYNDMZ, LLC continually creates new, innovative products. By melding mixed cultures, entrepreneurial businesses, and branded products; DYNDMZ, LLC becomes versatile at; tapping into creativity, inventions, entrepreneurial investments, and spawning venues, to become the new innovator of the latest and hottest products and events.   
  Post-Final Operating Capability (FOC), DYNDMZ, LLC focuses on its franchise and portfolios initiatives. Franchise networking contributes to continual product distribution, the scheduling or rotational main attraction, big-ticket tours; all of which make a term or continual, huge profits from all franchised headquarters (HQs) and their spawned assets.
Best: Meet or exceptionally exceed expectations with an astronomical profit margin.
Worst: Exceed capital invested capital with all capital recoverable with a great profit through 100% marketability with the back-up being  DYNDMZ, LLC ability to execute liquidation of its inventory, copyrights & patents in circulation, stock, or in production.

Continue to be blessed! 
Mr. Robert L. Peterson-Fikes
 Founder of Dynamic Dimenzions, LLC

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