Steam Car Challenge

raising $1,000,000 to create a TV documentary of my 17 year journey to Bonneville Salt Flats.

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1 hour TV documentary about an 17 year journey to set a new Land Speed Record powered by steam at Bonneville Salt Flats.
FB page Steam Car Challenge.
I can accomplish the video documentation and finish building the vehicle-I have the engine (that took 10 years).
In GA there is a 30% tax credit for the TV/Movie industry for projects over $500,000.00.
I have a production company that produced  the teaser video ready to go. The project would be completed after the the speed runs in August of 2022.
Energy to create the steam would be provided by Hydrogen, NH3 (ammonia gas) or CH4 (Methane).
Hydrogen is GREEN... the exhaust gas is water.
NH3 (Ammonia) GREEN.  Exhaust gases are Nitrogen Oxide and water. There is a new method of producing NH3 that is far more efficient  than current  methods and the thought is it will be able to replace gasoline.
CH4 (Methane) is not so green but it is a waste product captured from land fills. I have approached Waste Management.  They use the gas generatedd as a by-product of land fills to operate some of their vehicles and generate electricity.
The 30% tax credit by definition is GREEN.
FB page
Steam Car Challenge  (This is the teaser video.) 
The Team: Bob Sarda- The Dreamer and driving force and driver of the steam car. US AF veteran, MBA, Safety Manger , Diesel Mechanic./semi-retired
Brian A. Polk- Marketing Manager. USAF Veteran, Kimberly-Clark Sales Manager -retired.
James Potter- Fabricator. Retired claims adjustor. Sheet metal wizard
Pam Hirschhorn- Automotive expert
Kurt Martin-The Muscle . US Marine Veteran. A wounded veteran, "There's Know How and there's Do How.
Mike Theis- Team Lead. retired Warden From the NY Penal System. CEO Global Wheels Events (16 years.)

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