A Hospitality EV Charging Network allowing EV drivers to Stay-N-Charge while traveling.

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Stay-N-Charge is an EV charging network focused on the hospitality industry. We are building a charging network that is designed with the EV driver and the hotel in mind. This 2-sided market allows us to improve the travel experience for EV drivers while helping our network partner hotels to book more rooms. 

Our mobile app and directory provide EV drivers with an easy way to find hotels that offer EV charging in their desired destination. This saves our drivers from searching hundreds of listings to find a hotel or having to call hotels the find out if they have chargers. EV drivers also have the ability to reserve their room and a charger in our network. Once EV drivers arrive at their destination they use our app to access and pay for the charging services. We simplify the process of charging electric vehicles when traveling away from home.

For our hotel partners, we provide Charging-as-a-Service. This approach allows hotels to offer EV charging without the high initial cost of charger installation and without added burden on the staff. Our solution is completely managed by us letting the hotel staff focus on their guests.

Our primary customers are hotels that would like to offer EV charging as an amenity. We provide them with the easiest solution and also the promotion of the charging services. Our secondary customers are the EV drivers, by focusing on them as a customer as well we provide more room bookings for our hotel partners.

We have built the directory and started loading hotels in the Southeast. In addition, we have partnered with a leading software company for the charger management software that allows us to white label the software and incorporate it into our mobile app.

We recently started reaching out to hotels about the service and have had some great responses. So far, we have had conversations with 6 hotel managers that are in our target demographic and all have expressed interest. We have one proposal that was provided to a hotel owner and he wants the service. He is currently working on getting the infrastructure installed. 

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