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Home Health Agency raising $ 25K

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I am seeking to raise  $ 25,000 fund  for  my  home health agency,  STARCARE HOME HEALTH LLC which its main office located in Fremont , California . I am currently working as a clinical supervisor for home health services  at Kaiser Permanente in  Redwood City , CA. I , Selda Cirak, am the sole owner for STARCARE HOME HEALTH LLC .  We provide home visits up to 2 hr   for Physical Therapy , Nursing , Occupational Therapy , Home Health Aide and Social Worker services.  I have had 8,5 year home health experience from being  Home Health  RN  to Quality Manager  and  Clinical Supervisor.  I am currently working  in a management position in home health at Kaiser Permanente . I decided to open my own home health agency  with my extensive experience to  provide best  health care to the people at their own house when they can not go to hospital or when they need care at home after hospital discharge ; we also  educate the patients and families to prevent diseases or teach them  how to manage diseases  with  understanding their socio-economic situation and support them for their needs . 

I am in the process to apply Public Health State certification for STARCARE HOME HEALTH LLC .  Right after that , we will start to provide services in Bay Area .   I am confident and very familiar   with  our multicultural society in Bay Area from Fremont  to   Oakland; and San Jose , Santa Clara to  San Francisco  . I have been working in those areas as a Case Manager RN and Clinical Supervisor  for nearly a decade . I would like to put my expertise and passion into my own home health agency to  provide excellent  care to all the people in our society  . I need to raise fund for operational needs of early stage of StarCare Home Health LLC .  

I will be very happy to  share my business plan and resume in detail if you are interested in funding for StarCare Home Health LLC.


Sincerely , 


Selda Cirak , BSN,RN 

Founder and Clinical Services Director  of StarCare Home Health LLC  

Phone : (510) 557-4571


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