Repair business looking to make home ownership affordable for all

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We are reaching out to angel investors because we want home owners to have to a solution that matters and we want to not have the monitory restrictions to us through this service, once we launch this, all the conglamorates out there will know it and we will be dead in the water. 

Here's what we are looking to provide:

Home ownership is the one American Dreams that for so many has been difficult to mount due to all the expenses that exist with home ownership, especially in Southern California. The only solution in the past has been to have expensive contracts (using random companies) which are limiting to begin with and then must be subjected to all kinds of denials and limits in liabilities. If you have had one of these contracts even if it’s just one you had when your escrow closed, you know what we mean. 

We have provided our repair services to clients in Orange County and Inland empire since 2011 and have serviced over 30,000 homes, we’ve supported many warranty providers over these years, and we've seen enough. 

a.      Repair request gets denied because the person in charge of the coverage decisions doesn’t realize that a thermal overload is a fuse instead of a condition of an appliance or a cause of failure, and this person is supposed to make that decision. 
b.     Cooktops get partial denials because the cooktop burners rusted together and to get to the module you must drill the burners out. 
c.      Denials placed just because a spin basket and a tub are needed at the same time – simply due to cost. 
d.     Built-in freezers not get covered because the contract doesn’t allow for it but the built-in fresh food is. 
e.      Icemaker replacement not be covered because it still produces ice but the fact that the client is consuming Teflon from the failed mold doesn’t get covered. 
f.       Oven glass doesn’t get covered because your dog ran into it…. ENOUGH! 

S.T.A.R. Is proud to introduce our Repair Club direct to clients, tenants and homeowners, no more middle man, no more authorization holds, no more partial denials, no more denials period. We are rolling out our Repair Club to offer all homeowners a simple solution for repair needs of their home. 
Here’s what we mean - $39.99 per month, the garage door doesn’t open, the dishwasher doesn’t dry, the washer holding your clothing hostage – all you do is call our 800 number and tell us what has failed, the app will make this fluid and is forthcoming. We will dispatch the professional that is appropriate for your needs. The person coming out isn’t some random vendor who was found on craigs or angies lists, these are people we have worked with for years and they answer to us. 
At this point in our club, we are offering these solutions in Orange County and Inland Empire for your home’s major systems:
1.     Electrical
2.     Plumbing
3.     Appliances
4.     Garage Doors
5.     Venting
6.     Sprinkler repair
Many more services will be added in due time, but whatever your need, we should be your first call. The main point of this club is for you to have the problem solver for your home needs that have been benefiting these conglomerates for years. 

THE CATCH- The minimum subscription is 6 months – if you have immediate needs, you can choose to pay the 6 months upfront or on the flip side have the subscription for at least 6 months before placing a call. We aren’t a warranty or an insurance company, so we don’t have billions to command. What we do have is a team of professionals who just want to make customers happy and resolve problems without red tape or bureaucracy. 
The second catch – we cannot offer any replacement options - this is a repair club. If something can’t be repaired we will either sell you the system you need at the absolute best price in the market AND include free install or if you purchase – we will install. 
The third (and final at this point)_catch – you will have to let us maintain your systems, some of which are annual and with a club membership, you can lock up your pets and grant us access, our team will be wearing a body cam while in your home by themselves as a way to protect you and us. 

No gimmicks, just repair, done right, on a subscription. 

The pros at STAR

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