S&S Solutions

Raising $300 to make a movie

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S&S Solutions is an up and coming startup movie production company. We need investors to help us develop a comedy drama film about the American draught. The reason behind this is because right now we are at war with foreign powers. So we need to raise awareness of the importance, to the youth in doing there part in helping to protect America. We  have got to 
understand that we are outnumbered in man power and to let the youth know that America needs their help. This movie will give them the confidence they need to fight for our country and keep them off the streets and give them a career. All while entertaining them with a short comedy movie/drama movie. 25% of the proceeds donated will go toward cancer research.

We have a crew on standby awaiting further instructions. All we need is the funding so that we may start the process... We are locked and loaded. lol

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