Webb Xpress Trucking LLC

Raising $350k to acquire a turn-key cultivation business!

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Webb  Xpress Trucking LLC is a long haul trucking company that delivers goods across 48 states.  You may be wondering why I included it in the cannabis industry.  Well my trucking company is the backbone for me and my family and I would like to leverage the company in order to raise money to buy out a  cannabis cultivation facility.  This cultivation facility is already licensed and is a turn-key type of situation.  The cultivation facility averages between $200k-$300k every harvest (8-10 weeks) with operating cost lower than $20k.  The best part about the cultivation facility is that it resides in Oklahoma where the demand is extremely high and the state is moving toward legalizing the recreational use of cannabis, which means more money to dispensaries and cultivation facilities that are already established. Lastly the state of Oklahoma is cracking down on illegal cannabis cultivation operations and have already put close to 300 of them out of business, which means competition is dying down and the cannabis we cultivate will  have more of a demand across the state!

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