Spotlight Web3 Digital Content Platform/APP

Entertainment Media with unique Web3 Digital Content Magazine with built-in DeFi, Referral/Rewards Wealth Building System and Next Generation Celebrity Cover NFT/All Access Pass

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A one of a kind Entertainment Media Tech Company with unique Web3 Digital Content Magazine with built-in DeFi Multi-Million Dollar Referral/Rewards Wealth Building System and Next Generation Celebrity Magazine Cover NFT/All Access Passes that have the potential to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars per each subscriber through viral referral sharing platform.

We work with a subscriber-referral and reward incentive program/business model that allows users to share custom encrypted links with social media followers to build wealth.

With over 25 years experience in the Music and Entertainment industry we have successfully produced Urban/Hip Hop  entertainment content, worked with top record labels and artists and have connections and relationships with major record label CEOs and entertainment professionals to ensure exclusive content. We have received worldwide distribution through top DVD/Music outlets and are excited to present the next generation in NFT/Blockchain and DeFi with our entertainment media company.

We have an exciting pitch deck along with an incredible 5-year projection sheet. We are seeking  $500,000 to begin our Next Generation  All Access Celebrity NFT sales. These NFT's are like no other NFT's to date. They include VIP Perks as well as special VIP positioning of our DeFi- million dollar rewards program. Our goal is to generate $5,000,000  through the sale of these Celebrity NFT's which will allow our company to produce the publication of our digital-content platform and APP on-going with our 1-Million Millionaire Challenge, which will could generate hundreds of millions in DeFi referral revenue. This exciting business opportunity is truly a game changer and we are a dedicated professional team poised to make a tremendous impact in the world of entertainment media technology and next generation NFT, DLT application and DeFi.

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