Spot Social Fitness, Inc.

Seeking $220,000 to close our Pre-Seed round. SPOT is a mobile app that makes social fitness simple by helping users discover new places to go, people to meet and activities to do.

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Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US. More countries in the world now have a bigger problem with obesity than malnutrition. Meanwhile, the majority of fitness products in the market rely on discipline and willpower, a strategy that may have worked for the fitness enthusiasts who founded these products, but doesn't translate to normal people.
At Spot, we understand that for most people to maintain an active lifestyle, it needs to be fun, easy, and social. That's why our solution is to make it easy for people to find places to go, people to meet, and things to do that align their own interests and empower an active lifestyle.
Our team has diverse experience and success in the startup tech ecosystem, but have never felt so aligned with a company mission before. We have raised $130k out of $350k for our pre-Seed round at a valuation of $6 Million. To learn more, you can check out our pitch deck here:
Additionally, you can view this one-minute explainer video:
The following executive summary provides more details about the market, business model, and business strategy:
Lastly, upon request, we are happy to provide our detailed business plan, pro-forma, a one-pager on the current angel round, and more materials.

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