A comprehensive Fan Engagement platform including Fantasy Sports, Interactive Content, Contests & Quiz, Steaming & On-demand Video and E-sports.

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We have launched a startup in the exciting space of Fan Engagement. We all know that the Fans are the key to popular sports like Cricket, Soccer, Basketball, etc. We are developing a comprehensive platform for Fan Engagement though various mediums like Fantasy, Contests & Trivia, Searchable and Personable Content, Video - Streaming & On Demand and Gaming (E-sports). Our unique value propositions are:

 - An integrated data driven platform
 - Granular data proprietary data which we have collected over past few years
 - Well connected with various boards and IPL Franchises
 - Extensive domain knowledge and expertise in analytics

 Given the large market, we believe we can scale the business to USD 20-25 per year in 3-4 years. We are raising a seed round of USD 1-2 million and would love to present to you. 

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