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Looking for funding for expansion of services to a rural northern Arizona

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Let me introduce myself. I amMichelle Goss, the founder and CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) of Spirit Mountain Healing Services, a 501c3 non profit organization, in Gilbert, Arizona. I have always had a passion for horses and helping people. I have over 35 years experience working with horses and people to help them through life issues.  Here at Spirit Mountain Healing Services, I get to combine my extensive education in teaching, life coaching, and relationship development, to help humans of all ages find answers and new ways to live life better through Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy (EALT).

My education includes: Bachelor of Science in Equine Science, A minor in Small Business, and a Master's Degree in Counseling and Psychology in Equine Assisted Mental Health.

Spirit Mountain Healing Services is a Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy (EALT) 501 c3 non profit organization,  where my mission is to reconnect people with their true selves. And my purpose is to serve humanity by empowering growth and learning for a sustainable future through horses.

Equine assisted learning is the process of utilizing horses reflective and mirroring abilities to unearth what is happening internally within each unique individual. Because horses are prey animals, horses are highly attuned and sensitive to energy and emotions, even more than dogs or other animals. 

Horses have an innate ability to reflect your internal emotional state that allows you unique opportunities to learn more about yourselves in a safe and non-judgmental environment. No other therapy process shows you what issues are affecting you the most in the present moment. Through equine assisted learning activities, you begin to learn where the major stressors are in your life.  You then get to decided what actions to take to address and break down the barriers that are blocking you from living your best life possible. The act of working alongside large and powerful horses naturally begins to promote self-confidence, compassion, and a new understanding of your emotions. From this new understanding, you learn how to manage your emotions in ways that are unique and effective for you in the present moment with my horses. 

The equine assisted learning sessions here at Spirit Mountain are all about learning how to reconnect with yourself through individually tailored ground-based activities with my horses. Because all the activities with my horses are done on the ground, there is no riding involved. Therefore, you do not need ANY horse experience in order to explore the endless new ways on how to make peace with yourself and with others. 

I am currently looking for funding to expand services on my 40 acre ranch (called the Looking Within Ranch) outside of Heber, Arizona, to offer healing services to this rural area of northern Arizona.  I have seen the impact on the mental health of having limited services in that area on the people. I know being able to offer EALT services through Spirit Mountain Healing Services  would offer the people a cost and time effective healing method to help them live a healthier and more sustainable life.  About 15% of the funding would be used to create the barn and safe areas with fencing for my horses, as well as for their feed storage. About 50% of the funding would be used to bring water onto the property and water storage.  About 25% of the funds would be used to bring in solar power for the ranch. And the remaining 10% of the funds would be used to bring in accommodations for people who needed to stay overnight on the ranch. 
Please contact me for further details about the utilization of the funds and how Spirit Mountain Healing Services will help more people heal from life's traumas in this northern rural area of Arizona.

Thank you for your time and consideration in being able to help more people find hope, help and a sustainable way to heal through horses.

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