Spintiller Cultivator

The Venture produces a line of high quality "Made in USA" hand operated multi-functional garden & landscaping cultivators with a unique patent pending Chisel Tipped design.

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Home gardening is booming due to everything from the pandemic to food insecurity. More people started gardens while homebound creating demand for supplies.  Because of this increase in demand, coupled with the supply chain breakdowns, quality "Made in the USA" tools are becoming more desirable.
The Spintiller Cultivator has its origins in New Zealand, where it was invented and marketed worldwide until the patent expired in 1997.   The unique design of the Spintiller is the freely rotating Spider Tines with Chisel Tipped spokes, mounted on axles that are set at an angle.  This enables the user to aerate, till, edge beds, spread and dress out mulch, plus bring weeds to the surface from two different angles and depths with a simple rotation or flip of the handle.  The Spider Tines are cast from ductile iron and are much sturdier than other tillers on the market that utilize pressed metal tines.
The Company
Ron Coruzzi, the company founder, had purchased one of the original models in the 1970’s and is still using it today.  Intrigued by its usefulness and durability he started searching to determine if the Spintiller was still available for use in his landscaping and golf course construction company.  When he could not find a new one, he recognized the opportunity to bring back a product that had many fans.
The company was incorporated in Delaware in 2019.  Since then, it has secured Registered Trademark designation of the ''Spintiller" name with the US Patent & Trademark Office along with the tag line, "The Original Spintiller" and  "Serious Tool for Serious Gardener" plus official Trademark Designation status in eight other territories: The European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Also, the Venture is beginning the application process for China, India and Singapore.

The Venture has two Patent Applications pending and is working on further patent protections.
Spintiller has lined up manufacturing facilities in Pennsylvania and Delaware to produce all the components with final head assembly to White Ash wood handles from North Carolina being completed in their 2000 square foot office warehouse facility in Newark Delaware. In addition to four different versions of the long handled Spintiller, the company also produces an cast alloy Dibber, which is used to plant bulbs, seeds and makes quick work to install a tray of small annual plants, plus a handheld Mini Spintiller for close up work that easily fits in a bucket
After launching its website, www.spintiller.com, the Spintiller product line was introduced into the marketplace at the 2021 Philadelphia Flower Show to a very positive reception, followed by successful retailer connections with Marquee companies such as Terrain, a division of Urban Outfitters, Burpee and Home Shopping Network.  Their products are now featured by a growing list of websites and retail stores including Faire, Grommet, Lehman’s, Harvest Array, Gemplers and Gardeners Supply. 
The company delivered 500 custom color Dibbers to Burpees last fall and Terrain is currently displaying the company’s products in a custom “Terrain Green”.  Spintiller is also developing a 3-prong hand rake, which follows the same unique chisel tine design that should be ready for production this Spring.   Terrain plans on offering a “collection box” featuring several Spintiller products in their custom color.  Additional Made in America garden tools are also being evaluated.

The gardening & landscaping community is a culture unto itself that extends to professional landscaping, nurseries, forestry, garden centers & golf course maintenance. The Spintiller line of tools have many consumer & commercial applications to quickly address maintenance issues with the ease of a hand operated rolling actions which is easy on the hands & forearms that will quickly dress out and beautify large mulched beds & tree rings, along with making quick work of turf repairs on lawns and golf courses.

Ardent garners have been attracted by our "Made in USA" product line that presents no carbon foot print which also reduces the use of weedicides.
The Venture has established the market demand, as onboarded 9 retail partners in the last 10 months with the most recent Gardeners Supply placing a $6,000 order and now in the process to launch a marketing campaign promoting the cultivators no carbon impact benefits for golf course repairs and maintenance that attracted the venture in the first place.
The Opportunity
Spintiller is seeking investors to help the company take advantage of these early successes and fund the need for increased inventory and manufacturing capacities which are required to produce volume revenue opportunities with the box and hardware chains.
A more permanent equity infusion is also needed to continue the sales efforts, operational growth, develop professional marketing and filing for potential additional Design and Utility Patents.
Plus, to also determine our subset volume potential within the USA marketplace for gardening hand tools that is in the $6 Billion range as part of a $30 Billion garden equipment market with forecasted growth at 4.1% per year, let alone the potential worldwide marketplace;
The current profit margins can also be increased, when components can be ordered and assembled in greater quantities, plus utilizing fulfillment center operators to reduce shipping costs.

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