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Movie #1: The killers think they got away with it. They have no idea who or what is coming for them.

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As the Recipient and honoree of BRAINZ Global 500 List of Entrepreneurs.  I am the CEO, Consultant, and Connector of Speaking of Success, Inc., with high-profile global A-List Award-Winning Actors, Producers, Writers, Directors, Speakers.  Seeking Funding to support their investment opportunities and projects.  Individuals such as:  CJ Jones; Jacob R. Miles, III; Dr. Brett Guimard;  Tom Paolino - Co-Star Blue Bloods; Paralympic Gold and two Bronz Medal Recipient, April Holmes; Dr. David L. Willis, Olympic Board Member and Real Estate Developer of multi-million-dollar multi-complex, to name a few.

  • $1.5M to $50M
  • Films; Documentaries; Episodic Series
  • Global A-List Actors; Emmy Award-Winning Actors; Award-Winning Producers/Writers/Directors
  • Various Genres:  True Crime; Biographies; Animated (Disney Comparable) Action; Drama; etc.

  • $10M to $30M | Last Monies Needed 
  • Letter of Intent will suffice
  • Project is ready to close immediately with LOI
  • Multi-Complex Development | Total Investment $165 Million
Thank you for your consideration.

Until we speak again, 
Jean Marie Russo
Founder | CEO 
Speaking of Success, Inc.
[email protected]
or Connect through
US   +1. 262.359.1121       

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