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Movie #1: The killers think they got away with it. They have no idea who or what is coming for them.

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Entertainment | Film Productions | Episodic Series both in Pre-Production Status.

1)  Episodic Series (10 part Series) - International "The Bench" | Anti-Bullying | Currently in Pre-Production | Filming Begins:  December 10, 2020.
This particular project is TIME SENSITIVE:  Funding needed ASAP - wk of November 9, 2020 
"The Bench" Filming in  pre-production.   Filming Production to begin:  December 1, 2020

FILM PRODUCTION: “The Bench” by Demedrius Charles LOCATION: International PHASE I St. Lucia, Dominica, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago PHASE II St. Lucia; Dominica; Trinidad & Tobago; Puerto Rico; Zimbabwe PHASE III Ghana, South Africa; UK; Canada; Switzerland; Thailand INTENT for UCCI/PIFF to Produce Film Episodic Series for Youth – ages: 11-21.

Ten-part series that focuses on the obstacles that students face throughout the globe. ii. Youth in different countries experience similar challenges in areas such as relationships, communication, problem solving, and decision making.

Producer:  Edmund Umoja Herman  (President of Umoja Communications) International Multi-Media  | Dr. Kathleen Walls  |  www.askdrkathleen.com
Director:  Demedrius Charles
Writers:  Demedrius Charles
Expert Level Consulting with Content of Anti-Bullying

1. Diversity 2. Cultural similarities and differences 3. Family Issues 4. Developmental milestones and challenges 5. Multi-Generational differences 6. Tying, Similarities and Differences 7. Academic Performance 8. Self Esteem and Self-Worth OPPORTUNITIES: 1. Highlight the Social Issues that Youth face and deal with globally 2. Film Globally utilizing local actors in each country 3. Explore and learn about different cultures 4. Acting opportunities for Woman and Children 5. Positively influence society 6. Increase the ways to tell stories 7. Increase the ways to relate to each other 

2)  Movie | "Scream Before You Die" | Filming to begin:  December 1, 2020
This particular project is TIME SENSITIVE:  Funding needed by November 10, 2020 
Scream Before You Die is the particular film being produced with a production date to begin:   12/1/2020.
Warguardians Raven Productions

IMDB:  Scream Before You Die
Donald DeNoyer

A Woman is kidnapped, tortured and left for dead. The killers think they got away with it. They have no idea who or what is coming for them.
Director: Nicholas Nathaniel
Writers: Donald DeNoyer, Nicholas Nathaniel (co-writer)
Stars: Vernon Wells, Walter Jones, Weston Cage Coppola |Paul Rodriguez | A-List Actors .

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