Raising $25K for Economic Development and Gender Equality

Raising $25K for Economic Development and Gender Equality

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I am veteran-owned, minority-owned and woman-owned small business. I have a deep passion to help others, particularly women in underserved communities. While serving on Active Duty with the Air Force, I fulfilled this desire by earning my bachelor’s degree in the helping profession of Social Work from Rutgers University. After honorably retiring from the military, I furthered my education and earned my masters degree in Clinical Social Work also from Rutgers University and later obtained my credentials as a Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider. 

In 2012, I started my own coaching and counseling practice for women, Rock Your World Naturally. I currently assist women by using a client-centered integrative approach that addresses health holistically. By providing in-person and Telehealth counseling, many women have successfully reached their personal and professional goals, some of which include completing their education, moving from homelessness to securing housing, getting out of debt, obtaining employment, overcoming depression and anxiety, and improving their overall physical, emotional and spiritual health.  One-on-one  counseling is very rewarding and has proven to be beneficial through my practice, however, the need is great and I find it necessary to expand my practice by establishing and facilitating Life Skill support groups to have greater reach in Trenton, NJ.  

Trenton currently ranks lowest among all state capitals for Quality of Life. The poverty rate is double the national average. 36% of the households live 200% below the Federal poverty level, and the majority of those households are led by women. The crushing blow of poverty eliminates opportunities for women to rise above their situation. To help overcome many of the deeply rooted issues that women face, I believe that establishing Life Skills support groups in Trenton, NJ is necessary. At the present there are no Life Skills programs established in New Jersey.

Life Skills is a 6-month program that was developed by the late Dr. Paul Hegstrom  of Life Skills International and has been used worldwide to help individuals break free from destructive and malignant behavior patterns. Life Skills aids in uncovering the root causes of behavior with the client, and assists in developing basic character traits that will establish healthy foundations for living and loving.

$25,000 would help to me purchase the Life Skills turnkey curriculum, equipment, bring in another qualified facilitator and rent additional space to help women who desperately need a hand up. The opportunity to obtain financial support would contribute towards providing  a space specifically for women in Trenton, New Jersey that focuses on financial, physical, mental, and spiritual development, as well as break down gender inequality barriers.

Your financial investment will  aid in producing healthier lives, which results in healthier communities for a healthier world. Thank you for your consideration to invest in my business. 

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