Southside Tacos

New restaurant with franchise potential. Success business model in an untapped market.

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Southside Tacos is the ONLY West coast (SoCal) Mexican restaurant in a fast growing Texas city, Corpus Christi. Extreme potential for growth, even franchising, and has a growing fan base. 
On average the restaurant brings in revenues of $50,000/m and has brought in as high as $85,000 in a month.
We believe there is so much potential for this restaurant. We have managed to get by the past two years, through COVID (opened in Jan of 2021), and have been so limited with funds since our inception.  The financial forum, The Motley Fool at, says it cost an average of $375,000 to open a new restaurant. We opened Southside Tacos with a fraction of that cost only $150,000. Our successes have come from continuous process improvements for an efficient operation, tight spending and forecasting, strong waste management, we purchased and self maintain used equipment, make our own repairs and improvements to building, and spend all other available hours working the kitchen or serving our customers. As owners we take so much and responsibility of our restaurant. We  learn from our mistakes and continue to make improvements everyday. A strong team, my wife and I, relationship has gotten even stronger as we continue through this venture together.
Unfortunately, We are looking at closing our doors this month if we cannot find a suitable investor.

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