South Shore Biotherapy

Raising capital to launch my ketamine infusion center and help Massachusetts residents overcome their treatment resistant depression and create a life worth living.

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South Shore Biotherapy’s mission is to improve our client’s quality of life through intravenous infusion therapy and provide hope for a brighter future, free of depression and thoughts of suicide. Our objective is to bring a proven and effective treatment for depression and thoughts of suicide to the South Shore in the form of ketamine infusion therapy. Infusion therapy effectively alleviates symptoms of depression and thoughts of suicide in approximately 75% of the patient population compared to roughly 40% on traditional depression medications. In some cases, this treatment protocol can even reduce or completely halt suicidal ideation within minutes of treatment. At South Shore Biotherapy we are determined to become the unmatched provider of ketamine infusion therapy on the South Shore and partner with all our clients in hope to create a life worth living, free of depression.
Based on the size of South Shore Biotherapy’s target market and defined market area, our sales projections for the first year could reach nearly $900,000, increasing to $2.1 million for year two and over $4 million for year three. These numbers are based on the industry standard $650.00 per treatment and a conservative estimate of 5 patients per day for year one, 14 patients per day for year two and 26 patients per day by year three.  There are currently no local competitors south of Boston. Our closest competitor, Cambridge Ketamine, is located 30 miles to the north in Cambridge MA. 

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