Soulmates Adoptions, LLC

Raising money for Soulmates Adoptions - a matching app where you can swipe right on your four-legged Soulmate!

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My name is Seana Duncan and I am the CEO and founder of Soulmates Adoptions, LLC, a small technology company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are currently about halfway through development of our “matching” app, similar to the dating apps that are out there, like or, where potential pet adopters would create a profile on the Soulmates Adoptions app, answer a set of lifestyle/preference questions and be matched with and swipe right on, their four-legged “Soulmate.”  In the course of developing our matching app, we have created a robust and one-of-a-kind back office reporting tool with unique code, for rescues and shelters that can be completely managed from their mobile device.  They can manage and report out on: all animals that they have available for adoption; all adoption applicants; all application data, status and final disposition numbers that can be used for marketing campaigns, donation drives, foster/volunteer recruitment and grant applications; they would also be able to track and report on the donations that flow through the app itself.  There will be other amazing features on the app coming in Phase II of development; a storefront for Soulmates Swag, a points-based incentive loyalty program for adopters as well as rescues and shelters, a potential partnership with well-known dog trainers, partnerships with microchip companies and pet insurance carriers, a YouTube channel, a blog/vlog and monthly email newsletter.   I have been socializing the app on social media for a while now and I hope to begin beta testing at the end of August - I am looking for an angel investor to fund Phase II and the app launch/launch event.

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