SOUL SURVIVOR.® is a start-up & aspiring fashionable athletic clothing line. We are looking for an angel investor as we are launching our brand online via E-Commerce Spring 2021.

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We are a brand new sportswear clothing business with great products and a universal brand name. Our mission is to simplify in unison a brand that millions can exemplify or identify with: the desire to overcome. WE ARE HERE TO REPRESENT THE PEOPLE AND THEIR STORY, rather than just promoting or high lighting a quote on quote "goal" in a rat race. Allowing Soul Survivor to be more relatable at a much greater/massive level. You can't say that you're a Nike. You can't say that you're an Adidas. However, YOU CAN SAY THAT YOU'RE A SOUL SURVIVOR AND RELATE TO WHY. No matter who you are, or where you're from, people want to feel like they are apart of something greater than themselves. We are more than a sports brand, we are more than an undeniable statement,WE ARE TODAY'S FUTURE.


Fashionable sportswear is in high demand right now with our potential customers being:

- Athletes

- College students

- Individuals who like working out

- Including people of ages 30-65.

As the founder/owner of the brand, I've done what I can to invest in athletic wear products such as tracksuits. However, I have many other athletic wear items and accessories that need to be invest into. Therefore, the investment that I'm seeking will only be used for inventory and promotional purposes via commercials/ads for social media. I also have my logo trademarked and ready to go as well.

Lastly, I do have a business plan and pitch readily available, which will include financial statements if you are interested in further details.

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SOUL SURVIVOR.® is no longer seeking funding.