SER weatherproof connector ( Collins Connector)

150k Needed to finish a highly anticipated project that is stuck in phase 3 out of 4.(SER weatherproof connector)

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S.O.T.A Electrical Services is a company that creates, develops and sales electrical components that will be used all across America. This is a product that will be used on outdoor utility meters, junction boxes, disconnects and outdoor power distribution equipment. The connector currently has no competitors and is in the middle of getting UL certification. Talking to different state inspectors and raising awareness of this product is happening daily.  The weatherproof SER connector which brand name is ( Collins Connector) is a metal housing that holds a rubber gland that is currently patent pending and designed for the sole purpose of connecting SER or spiraled cables outdoor in a safe manner away from debris, water, or anything that an outdoor setting would typically bring. This is a product that would be used for electrical trades and will see a mass increase with states and county's coming up to code.  This is a essential component once established and will be enforced by state and county inspectors.

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