Solar Power Pro

Raising $5M to fund an end-to-end Revenue Stage Solar Software and Certification.

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Solar Power Pro formed a Joint Venture with SunBaseData to create an end-to-end Solar CRM, Proposal Tool, and Certification Software suite. Solar Power Pro is Certifying Solar Sales People and Organizations while offering state of the art Business Management Software Solutions, including: financial management, asset management, project tracking, customer retention, proposal creation, HR management document signing, lead generation tools and much more. 

This software suite replaces numerous separate tools that Solar Companies spend thousands of dollar on a month. 

Companies struggle with the fact that the existing tools don’t communicate with each other in a native format causing duplicate data entry issues and wasted time. There is also no existing standard of training or Certification within the industry causing customer satisfaction issues and an increased cost of capital. Solar Power Pro aims to solve these issues across the industry with our solution.

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