Solace Development LLC

Raising $500k to build multifamily housing in Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex

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We are a development company combining the disciplines of architects and real estate developers. Architect led development brings a single source of responsibility for the programming, design, and execution of a project. As licensed architects, our greatest contribution to the city is to be involved in how our city and neighborhoods grow. Our goal is to create stronger designs than conventional developer driven multi-family projects. Spaces that we can be proud of that, if not enhance, fulfill an individual's desire for a better living space.

We plan on buying land in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex with cash. We will then have a construction loan to build a single family residence, duplex, or 3-4 unit multi-family building. The amount of units will be determined on the size and zoning of the site selected. Exit strategy is to sell all units, pay back construction loan, pay back investors original investment plus agreed upon interest. 

A brief outline of our project can be found at the link below. Please contact me for additional information on our company and projects.

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