Solace Behavioral Health, LLC dba SonderCare Behavioral Health

Raising funds to ensure we have enough time to get our insurance payers (AZ Complete) back in line. Call for details.!

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SonderCare Behavioral Health is a therapeutic adult outpatient clinic located in Tucson.  At our facility, our mission is to provide innovative clinical programming and unsurpassed patient care. Our outpatient programs for behavioral health services are provided in a clinic setting while providing a safe social distancing environment. A wide range of services are scheduled and organized within a comprehensive therapeutic environment which includes screening and assessment, individual counseling as needed, intensive outpatient group counseling, educational programming, Therapeutic adult life skills groups, member advocacy, as well as participation in community outreach. 
With that said, we believe the clients who need our (IOP) programs which focuses on substance abuse, anger management and coping skills related to trauma. The overall goal of our therapeutic program is to increase the quality of life for our members through the provision of mental health services. Specific areas of focus may include: 
·       Substance Abuse 
·       Anger Management 
·       Recovery Support Services
·       Building Healthy Coping Skills 
·       Socialization Support
·       Interpersonal Communication Development 
SonderCare BHS is an approved provider through the state to bring these services to your facility to ensure the members have full access to our programs. 
Financial Overview and Funds Request: 
SonderCare Behavioral Health Services was established November of 2020 and is now a $10M company with a 45%- 50% NP range annually at 65% occupancy of Tucson's facility.  We own our own building and forecast to reach full capacity by the end of 3rd quarter in 2024. Our projected revenue stream should surpass the $14M mark in the 4th quarter of 2024.  At a 45% profit margin that would leave approximately $7,700,000.00 for profit distribution minus 1.2 mil. for operating expenses and growth to our Phoenix market. We see between 110-130 clients per day on average with the ability to support up to 200 clients per day.  
Staffing: We have a very strong leadership team with and Executive Director, Clinical Director, Director of HR and Billing Manager. In addition, we have a strong clinical support team with 4 therapists, 3 case managers/ intake specialist, 12 Behavioral Health Techs/Facilitators, 2 clinical administrators, 5 billers in our billing department and 7 CDL drivers in transportation for 8 large shuttle busses, 5 building support staff.  (43 employees total & 4 managing partners). 

With that said, we are having billing challenges with one of our current insurance payers that are being resolved, but we may need funds to get across the line over the next 4-6 weeks.  We have multiple investors now that are looking to grabbing 1/2-unit positions, but we are seeking back up options in case we need additional funds. 

We are offering 1/2 a unit for $250k.  Based on historical data of past profit sharing a $250k position is projected to yield a $75k to $125k return in distribution which takes place in November each year for life. That will increase based on current growth plan for the Tucson markets.  Each investor will also have position in all assets and the ownership piece in our building(s). In addition, our grow plan into the Pheonix market next year is forecast to double our current revenue cycle within 2 years or less. We are a Medicare/Medicaid provider and protected by the Federal government mandates against Federal budget cuts. 

Thank you and we look forward to working with you.

                                                                                                                          Our Mission Statement: “Encouraging Wellness by Empowering People”


SonderCare Behavioral Health                                         SonderCare Behavioral Health       
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