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Raising $50,000 + for a fast growing network marketing real estate company

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The Valorem Agency was founded in 2020 by Leonardo Basaldua, a former U.S marine who had big dreams and ambitions to become the 1st entrepreneur in his family. The Valorem agency was started with only 3 team members out of Los Angeles, CA back in 2020. Currently the company has over 100 team members all across the united states. The company's mission statement is "To make real estate exciting again and to save America through free enterprise" . For every home that is sold at The Valorem Agency a portion of the proceeds is donated back to Our company slogan is "Sell a home, Save a life".

The Valorem Agency Business Model 

The Valorem Agency consists of a Network marketing compensation model where new team members can receive overrides, bonuses, and incentives for helping grow the company. 
New team members receive up to 5 generations of overrides for whoever they bring into the company. In order for them to receive that override they would have to help that new member close a real estate deal in order for them to get the override. We created this compensation model to make it fun and exciting for people to build their own team within our company.  Our company charges a $200 yearly membership fee for every new team member that joins the company. In our company we do wholesaling, fix and flips, and also have licensed realtors. We consider ourselves a real estate solutions company so that everyone in our team has more than one tool under there tool belt.

The way our company makes money is through signs up and closed real estate transactions. 

70% is through closed real estate transactions and 30% comes from membership fees.


- The Valorem Agency is 100% virtual with every team member being able to work from home or wherever they want in the world 
- Best compensation plan for team members to grow.
- Company CRM being built for automation 

Where we at?

We are currently looking to raise money for advertisement to take our company to the next level! Our goal is to reach 1,000 team members by the end of the year. Therefore, we are looking for the right investor to partner up with who can become a long term partner here at the valorem agency! We are looking to raise $50,000 minimum to start off our partnership!
If you are interested in hearing more please feel free to reach out

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