Smart Foundation Systems

Raising $500,000 to Grow Existing Foundation Repair Business

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Executive Summary
Smart Foundation Systems has proven that through our systems and strategies we can become market leaders in 3 years or less in the foundation repair industry using proprietary technology, marketing, sales, and operations. We are seeking $500,000 in exchange for 10% post-money equity in our company from investment partners to assist in improving the efficiency of our current location and expand our ability to acquire/build and optimize additional locations across the United States. Similar companies have been able to grow from $0 to $500,000,000 in yearly revenue in 4 years using similar strategies.
How we became market leaders in 3 years: 
Blake Brose, licensed Class A general building contractor and real estate investor, has performed 15+MM in construction in the last eight years, from single-family remodels to apartment complex remodels. Scott Mehr has worked with high-growth tech companies for 10+ years. He has focused his experience on scaling operations and building repeatable marketing and sales systems.

We use tactics that are not even on the radar for most blue-collar owners, such as funnel conversion data analytics, daily training systems coupled with hourly milestone management of onsite crew members, and leveraging partial overseas workforce to 6X our operational capacity improving service quality and increasing margins.

Smart Foundation Systems performed in 2019 - $1MM (First Year) 15% Gross Margin, 2020 - $1.2MM 30% Gross Margin, 2021 $2.4MM 58% Gross Margin, currently pacing at nearly $300k/mo with no outside investment.
Allocation of $500,000:
  • Increase revenue from $2.4MM to $5.3MM in the first year by investing in Marketing; Sales hires Vehicles, Equipment, Inventory, and Warehousing. 
  • Investment in optimization will yield a 33% increase in profit in operational efficiencies.

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