Small Arms Ammunition Import

Raising $1 million to enlarge ammunition import business.

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ARK International, Inc.,   Palm Coast, FL  
August 2, 2021
Subject: Importation of Small Arms Ammunition

Ladies & Gentlemen:

We are two brothers who have been in the import business since 1984.  We started out in Manhattan selling imported home furnishing textiles to the trade.  We now live in Florida and do a lot of sport shooting, so we decided to import ammunition.  We work closely with the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms; we have all our licenses and we have created an import pipeline of suppliers, shippers, custom broker and truckers that will deal with ammunition.  Special shipping insurance to handle ammunition.  

We have already imported a container of 9x19 mm Luger ammunition 1.3 million rounds which sold in 30 days.  Our bank is a private individual who owns a small ammunition factory and is limited in the amount of money he'll invest in our venture.  We would like to have the funds to buy and import all of the other popular calibers, i.e., 38 special, .380 & .45 ACP, as well as some popular rifle calibers like .223 & .308 and shotgun shells.  

We have fulfilled all the requirements of the ATF and AECA so no issues there.  The only issues we face, at this moment is buying low and selling high.  We feel very strongly that no matter the retail price of small arms ammunition we can still make a reasonable profit if we buy at the right price.  We are looking for financing to do just that.  We have a 90-day cycle of buying, shipping and selling our complete inventory.  We prefer to sell container loads to the trade.  The margin is smaller, but the turnaround is faster.   If well funded we will also sell retail, through the internet,   and provide private label ammo to our larger customers.   We are pleased with this business because the margin is large and can accommodate any needed expenses.

We need $1 mil to get this project off the ground.  

We thank you for your kind attention.

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