Slick Tee, Phi Tee.

Golf inventor seeking funds for market adoption

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Hi all,

Did you know Over 100 million people practice the game of golf? 30 million in the US alone (not including latent demand)
My name is Edward, I'm a trader and analyst in the commodities market. 
I also happen to love golf but like 49% of amateurs out there (who can't consistently break a score of 100), 
My shots in the driving range were better than my tee shots on the course.
It inspired me to invent a hybrid Tee(patent pending), one that is designed to get the best shot out of an amateur golfer for better par.
With a low competitive industry worth over $80B and a market size of $50B, research reports and feasibility studies indicate this can easily do 1B in sales in 5 years.
Looking for a 300k deal at 3m value cap, 12 month term, 5% interest 20% discount(negotiable)

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