American made Patented Unpowered Wireless Signal Booster Manufacturer Raising $7M to expand sales, marketing, and go global.

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What is SkyAMP?

SkyAMP is a new manufacturer of patented unpowered wireless signal boosters for WiFi, Bluetooth, DECT (VoIP), and 4G Cellular signals.   The idea began when our founder, Jason Howell, experienced a Derecho storm, and power was out for 6 days at his home.  Jason sought after a cellphone booster than did not require power, only to find out it didn't exist.   With a background in communications, Jason got to work and created the first SkyAMP.  Here we are nearly two years later in full production, ready to ship, and are actively recruiting resellers now.   The funding we are seeking will aid in advancing our marketing efforts, funding operations, and purchasing materials as we stock up for pending orders, and continue to broaden our reach through distribution (TD Synnex is our distributor).

What Have We Been Doing?
For the past 2 years we have been:
  • Growing and training our staff
  • Setting up and optimizing our factory
  • Sourcing materials domestically
  • Refining the product line
  • Developing a robust sales and marketing plan
  • Forming alliances with other manufacturers, service providers, carriers, etc.
  • Attending trade shows, expos, and other industry events
  • Most recently we went live in the Channel, bringing on distributors and now resellers

What We Need
$7,000,000; to be used for:

  • Overhead, operations, payroll
  • Marketing, trade shows/exhibitions to complete our full launch
  • Raw materials, supplies, and components for manufacturing of our products
  • Move to a larger facility
  • Purchasing additional machinery and equipment to optimize our operation even more
  • Expand internationally as the patent is approved around the globe
  • Sales person spiff programs to boost sales
  • Inside sales person
Big Sky, Big Impact

  • Our goal is to solve the world's connectivity and communications problems.
  • We will continue to develop more products such as a 5G line, a wearable, and devices specifically designed for Firefighters to literally help save lives.
  • We are already on-board with TD Synnex (the world's largest technology distributor)
  • Our consultants are forecasting revenues of $1.3M - $2.0M for 2022 alone.
  • We have already filed for a provisional patent in 155+ countries, and plan to take our products worldwide bringing wireless solutions, with no subscription fees to everyone.

Risks & Challenges

As with any new product there is risk, there could be misunderstandings with the product, supply chain problems, improper testing, etc.   However, we feel as though we're fully equipped to overcome any challenge thrown our way. 

  • Development has lasted over 18 months
  • Research & development is on-going
  • Products have been tested all over the United States in all types of buildings and terrain
  • Our products are patented
  • Robust domestic supply chain with multiple suppliers for each raw material

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