Skiptown Playhouse

Raising 200k to properly address all electrical, plumbing, building, and managerial, accounting, marketing, and liquor licensing needs for a beautiful party and entrainment venue.

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Skiptown Playhouse has expanded to a new large 3700 sq foot space known as "THE CATS CRAWL" which will emulate an upscale theater experience dressed and blessed with a 1920s classic Hollywood vibe. Members only nights with vip bottle service burlesque nights, as well as live bands, international film festival, and multipurpose features for other operating nights for the general public. Break-away catwalk and moveable seating makes it convenient for anything from wedding receptions and parties, to musical stage productions, fashion runway, and great for film shoots and workshops. Skiptown Playhouse and The Cats Crawl are located in East HOLLYWOOD, District 13 and focuses on bringing a positive addition to the area. Major condos going up in the area soon which will be MAJOR profit potential.  The ground work is already started. We have opened in JUNE and have in the the first 3 months already began to see profit of 2-4k per month. We need the investment so that we can be fully functional and prepared for full operation and revenue potential.

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