Simply Living Housing LLC

21 Rental Portfolio Project

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Simply Living Housing LLC is a start up real estate company seeking funding for a renovation of a 21 property  rental portfolio. Simply Living Housing LLC believes in buying below market value priced properties, fixing them, increasing home value and helping those in the community with affordable housing. Our main focus is to increase property value in upcoming areas, where new developments are, requiring for the community to have nice affordable homes close to their employers. Simply Living Housing LLC also provides Independent Living Environments for Travel Professionals, Veterans, Teens who have aged out of adoption and many others that need temporary and long term housing in the community.  Simply Living Housing LLC also values generational wealth and would like to help families achieve such by providing affordable lease to own options as well. Attached are photos of the units that are all currently occupied. Attached is also the price projections of the property 
 Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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Simply Living Housing LLC is no longer seeking funding.