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Website complete and ready to go. Need capital to secure customers.

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Overview - The Quick Pitch

www.bidhub was created to make home builders, home improvement companies, and subcontracting companies more efficient, more productive, and more profitable.

The Problem

·         The vast majority of home builders, home improvement companies, and subcontractors that perform the work, still operate like they did 50 years ago. It is very inefficient and time-consuming. Smaller builders and home improvement companies do not have the time or money to afford a purchasing manager position. They spend the vast majority of their time supervising or working at their job sites. It takes less than 15 minutes to upload plans and specs to our site and bids will start coming in. 
·         Our target audience is all companies associated with the home building and home improvement industry, well over one million-plus companies.
·         There are companies like Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor that focus on the home improvement industry, but they are very expensive and hard to afford for most smaller contractors. There are also companies that focus on commercial building, but there is no company that focuses on the residential home building market.  

The Solution

·         Our website allows anyone or any company needing to get pricing for any building or home improvement project to post their jobs on our site and get quotes from multiple subcontractors. All for free!
·         Our subcontractors pay one low, monthly fee that will allow them to bid on as many projects as they would like.
·         We make it simple for our customers. We find the work, we find the subcontractors, and we bring them all to one site. Done on their own, this is a costly, time-consuming process.

Additional Features of

In addition to our bidding platform, we have also created a directory of construction professionals. We will offer a free listing to any builder, home improvement contractor, subcontractor, or related business that agrees to receive emails from our site. All builders that post projects on a regular basis will receive a free color ad that rises to the top in their category in our directory. All subcontractors that pay for our Project Room will also get a free color ad for their particular trade or trades. We will also sell ads to those companies not wishing to use or project room, but wanting more exposure to their potential customers. Manufacturers, material suppliers, insurance companies, banks, etc.

Keys to Success

·         Initially, we need to build content for our potential customers. Post as many projects on the site as possible.
·         After building content, we will reach out through various methods including home builder associations, social media, and targeted phone calls and emailing campaigns to bring subcontractors on board.
·         We need a financial investment of approximately $500,000. An investment of that amount will allow us to grow at the pace to become profitable and be able to gain a foothold as the website of choice for our customers.

Financial Highlights

We have spent approximately $300,000 to date developing our current site. This includes multiple trials and errors as we have strived to get our site to our work as we envisioned. We now have a working site ready to start taking more customers.
·         Based on our current projections, our goal is to sign up at least 2000 paying customers by month 12 and 3000 by month 16. Our three-year goal will be to have 10,000 plus paying customers. This still represents less than 1% of eligible customers. 
·         We believe we can become profitable sometime between months 12 and 16. 
·         We would like to offer 25% equity for a $500,000 investment.
·         The opportunity for profitability grows exponentially as we add customers. Potential investors will have an opportunity to share in the profits or benefit from the sale of the company. Our projections estimate if we reach conservative sales goals by year 3, we will have a company valued between $10,000,000 and $50,000,000 based on similar type internet-based companies.
Contact Info
·       Bob Burgess  [email protected]
·       Cell 240-417-2783

www.bidhub was created to make home builders, home improvement companies, and subcontracting companies more efficient, more productive, and more profitable.

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