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We had recently reached out with an introductory piece talk about the current situation in Canada and how Silk Road Farms Ltd will approach the market. Possibly the previous communication was too rich in content, so we decided to focus on what is happening the Canadian Cannabis Market and what Silk Road Farms will do better and differently than other LP’s in the Canadian Cannabis Marketspace.

The Problem

·      The large LP's in Canada (Aurora, Canopy Growth Corporation, Tilray, HEXO) are failing with over $7 Billion in investment lost to date. 
·      What are the Big LP’s doing wrong? They are focusing on high capex, low tech, large production facilities that are spewing out mass quantities of the same mediocre quality cultivars.
·      The large LP’s in Canada are producing cultivars that the market does not want. 
·      Recreational and Medicinal consumers in the Canadian Cannabis Market space demand quality and a variety of cultivars. Moreover, they want culturally significant cultivars that are produced and delivered right.
·      These consumers are not finding what they want in the legal market and are required to go to the black market to find it.

How is Silk Road Farms Different? 

·      We at Silk Road Farms are big on the outside and small on the inside. We are high tech, but low capex. We have an understanding of the market and what it wants.  
·      What does this mean? At Silk Road Farms we focus on producing culturally significant cultivars in small batches to allow us to supply the variety that the market wants. We understand the cultural genetics that are wanted, and we have them to produce and supply to the market. 
·      Moreover, we focus on quality over quantity when producing and supplying these culturally significant cultivars.

If you are interested in being part of a winning team when the “Reset” in the Canadian Cannabis Marketplace takes place, we would love to talk with you. Kindly understand that our Silk Road Farmers Taber complex is 80% complete, and we are looking for funding to get the building finished and get licensed.

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