Silent Electrics LLC

Raising $5 million to bring our electric propulsion systems, eVTOL aircraft, enhanced combustion with cleaner emissions, advanced stun guns and advanced bug zappers to market.

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Silent Electrics LLC is a bold new company with unique products that are as highly desired in the market as they are hard to find. The company is based in Tehachapi, California, a beautiful area known for its rich history in innovations, aviation and aviation technology. The company was created in 2019 and will offer a range of unique products including a line of electric propulsion systems for light aircraft, a revolutionary ultralight manned eVTOL aircraft, enhanced combustion technology to increase existing aircraft fleet fuel economy and reduce emissions, LED and high-voltage products, and cutting-edge directed energy equipment for government and military agencies.

The product offerings will provide immediate benefits to the industry. There is currently a complete lack of providers of electric propulsion systems for light manned aircraft in the United States, with only two reputable providers in the world (of complete systems that specifically serve the light aircraft industry), both located in Europe. The demand for electric aircraft is skyrocketing, thanks to advancements in eVTOL and air taxis, and Silent Electrics LLC is perfectly placed to fill this need.  eVTOL is a booming industry and our completely unique and revolutionary craft concept will break the mold.  The existing ICE (internal combustion engine) aircraft fleet can have their fuel economy improved and emissions reduced immediately with very little investment or complexity.  The lightsaber stun guns and lightsaber bug zappers provide a huge industry with a completely unique product approach, leveraging our heavily sci-fi leaning population.  Our directed energy, non-lethal apparatus will provide the military and law enforcement agencies a new line of defense and a new level of tactical de-escalation that can save lives.

The company is owned by Jonathan Barraclough. He is a product of the aviation industry which is so prevalent in the area. In his days at NASA and before, Jonathan was heavily involved in electric propulsion technology for aircraft. After retiring early, he decided that innovation in this field was only beginning, and he wanted to be part of the exciting technological advances. Jonathan also worked for the US Air Force on a directed energy weapons project.  Jonathan also previously operated a successful retail product development business which he is leveraging in Silent Electrics LLC.

To get the company moving quickly, Silent Electrics LLC is seeking $5 million in outside funding. The funds will be used for startup costs and initial salaries for high-tech talent. The company will also use funding for research, development, and manufacturing related to the new product lines.

The owner feels the company is well positioned to profit after the second year of operation. Our business plan provides information about the company, as well as its sales, marketing, and growth plans.  The business plan is available to view after signing an NDA.

Jonathan has been developing LED and high-voltage products for the retail market for 15 years. The company will be ready within a year of receiving funding to release four of the six products to market. The unique product line will be introduced to a varied target market. The initial product lines include:

1.     Electric propulsion system for light aircraft. The system will be adaptable from US FAR Part 103 ultralights up to 2-seat experimental and eventually Light Sport Aircraft when FAA regulations catch up (MOSAIC). This system includes motor, speed controller, battery system, propeller, cockpit instruments, system controllers, throttle interface, cables, and connectors. The systems are complete, and the applications engineer will work with the customer to tailor them to their specific aircraft. SEL outsources the motor, speed controller, propeller, and battery cells but designs and produces the cockpit instruments and system controllers in-house. The company can provide basic standard kits and fully customized systems. Installation of the systems is typically performed by the customer or in-house on a contract basis.

2.    Ultralight eVTOL.  The ultralight FAR Part 103 eVTOL space is quickly heating up.  The order books for the main competitors are full for 2 years out.  The profit margins are extremely healthy.  Our eVTOL concept incorporates unique silent propulsor technology and integrated ground mobility, something no other competitor has.

3.    Combustion enhancement technology.  This technology is a patented and proven approach to increasing the efficiency of combustion in existing ICEs.  The devices are easily installed on existing engines and have a short ROI for the pilot.  In addition to decreasing the cost per flight hour, the technology decreases toxic emissions by up to 90%.  When combined with e-fuel (when it becomes available), the two technologies will combine to make a near zero emissions, toxic and greenhouse gas, ICE for a low cost and without making concessions in range and refueling infrastructure.

4.     Light saber bug zappers. These are designed in-house and manufactured by a third party. They will be launched on Indiegogo and sold through various retail outlets such as Amazon and via SEL’s e-commerce site. They are a combination of a portable and stationary bug zapper resembling a light saber with sound effects. The hilt is nicely designed to resemble movie-quality sabers with high market appeal.

5.     Light saber stun gun. This includes a line of self-defense stun guns that resemble a light saber with sound effects and a high-power LED flashlight. It will feature a movie-quality hilt for high market appeal. They will be launched on Indiegogo and sold through various retail outlets such as Amazon and via SEL’s ecommerce website. They are designed in-house and manufactured by a third party.

6.     High-tech self-defense solutions. SEL is developing an advanced self-defense solution in-house. It is not yet ready for disclosure but will be manufactured and sold solely through SEL. The company anticipates completing Phase 1 of development 7 months after startup. The final version will be attractive to government and military agencies.

The company will service multiple target markets with its product line. Within the Electric Propulsion Industry there are 90 models of US FAR Part 103 ultralight aircraft in production, and 82 kit and LSA aircraft in production. There are more than 10,000 LSA and kit aircraft flying in the US as of 2022. The SEL systems apply to all those aircraft as possible substitutions for their gas engines. This also applies to the market for the combustion enhancement technology.  The market focus for electrics will be primarily the U.S. since shipping lithium batteries internationally is difficult. The company is currently supplying the small system to one U.S.-based aircraft manufacturer. SEL engineers work with the aircraft manufacturers to tailor a system that will fit their platform. Once a design is finalized, it can be produced in bulk for less cost.  The eVTOL craft is a burgeoning market with excellent growth potential.  The existing main competitors (Jetson Aero, Rotor X and Ryse Aero) have full order books 2 years out.  The unique advantages of staying within Part 103 provide high appeal to potential customers.

The Bug Zapper Market in 2022 was valued at $71.7 million. It is forecasted to grow to $93.4 million by 2031. The light saber bug zapper appeals to fans of the Star Wars movie franchise. There are an estimated 200 to 400 million fans of that franchise worldwide. SEL will meet the needs of this segment by providing an affordable and highly desirable/fun product that is not only functional but also exciting to use. The Stun Gun market is part of the global non-lethal market valuation, which is expected to hit $12.5 billion by 2028, and CAGR of 7.4% from 2020. Stun guns are about 15% of that number. The light saber stun gun appeals to fans of the Star Wars movie franchise. There are an estimated 200 to 400 million fans of that franchise worldwide. SEL will meet the needs of this segment by providing an affordable and highly desirable product that is not only functional but also adds a new aesthetic dimension to an otherwise boring product.

Silent Electrics LLC was established in 2019. It is owned and managed by Jonathan Barraclough. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering and 15 years of work experience in the aerospace industry, including 6 years at NASA working on electric aircraft propulsion and 6.5 years working at the USAF on various projects including directed energy weapons. Mr. Barraclough is an Air Force veteran having served his country as an officer for 4.5 years, and as a civilian for 2 years after that . He has run small businesses throughout his career with experience ranging from product development and manufacturing to sales and marketing. Jonathan is responsible for the daily operations of the business at the present time.

Additional employees will be hired as needed to support growth. Initially these employees will include a Business Manager, Office/Personnel Manager, Finance Manager, Electronics Technician, Test Engineer, Design Engineer, Aircraft Technician, Laser Optics Engineer, and Sales Associate. These represent a skeleton crew just to get things moving. These will all be full-time positions. The company will need to grow quickly as it moves new products to market. Additional contractors including manufacturing engineers, specialists, and lawyers will be brought on board for specialized assistance.

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