Jedi Bug Zapper

We have developed the ultimate pest eliminator, the Jedi Bug Zapper. Illuminated ring, motion sound effects, and movie quality lightsaber hilt. Bug zapping at the next level!

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Silent Electrics is poised to disrupt the pest control industry with our innovative lightsaber bug zappers. These devices will merge the iconic design and sound effects of Star Wars lightsabers with effective bug-zapping technology. They will offer a unique blend of entertainment, functionality, and aesthetic appeal targeting Star Wars enthusiasts and consumers seeking a more engaging approach to pest control.

Traditional bug zappers are often uninspiring and require active user involvement. Silent Electrics will solve this with our lightsaber bug zappers designed for both portable and hands-free use. The combination of an ultraviolet light ring, high-voltage grids, movie-quality hilt and sound effects, and a charging base for stationary placement will provide an all-in-one, captivating pest control solution.

Silent Electrics will generate revenue through the retail sales of our lightsaber bug zappers. Our products will be sold through various retail outlets and our own e-commerce site. Our initial launch will be on Indiegogo.  We have partnered with a third-party manufacturer to ensure the production of a high-quality product that meets our design specifications.

To get the company moving quickly, Silent Electrics LLC is seeking $200,000 in external funding. The funds will be used for startup costs, manufacturing and product launch costs. The company will also use reinvested funds for research, development, and product improvement to ensure our product is of the highest quality and innovativeness.

Silent Electrics LLC anticipates that we will have the bug zappers ready for sale within 9 months of funding. As shown in the Key Financials Metrics chart in the Business Plan, we expect significant growth as we build out brand awareness and achieve product-market fit. Given our extensive experience, strong team, and exceptional market opportunity, we feel the company is well positioned to reach profitability in the first year of operation.

Silent Electrics LLC was established in 2019. It is owned and managed by Jonathan Barraclough. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering and 15 years of work experience in the aerospace industry, including 6 years at NASA working on electric aircraft propulsion. Mr. Barraclough is an Air Force veteran having served his country as an officer for 4.5 years. He has run small businesses throughout his career with experience ranging from product development and manufacturing to sales and marketing. Jonathan is responsible for the daily operations of the business at the present time. 

Please contact us for a copy of the Business Plan to get detailed financial and product information.

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