Signal Medical

Seeking investment to continue to develop A.I. platform for patient matched total joint replacement.

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We manufacture total joint implants (knees and hips) and are in the development phase of delivering our knee implants to match specific patient requirements using artificial intelligence. 

The total market opportunity for knee replacement is approximately $9 billion in the United States.  

Our CEO is a 30 year veteran of orthopedic medical device and has been a high level executive in multiple orthopedic manufacturing start ups and growth companies.  Through two successful exits and one IPO the CEO has helped generate over $500 million in shareholder value.

With Covid-19 changing the landscape of how orthopedic devices are delivered to hospitals and their patients, Signal Medical has crafted a strategy to leverage artificial intelligence and virtual technology to deliver its products at a significantly reduced cost and well aligned with changing facility requirements.

Our AI platform will be the first to use x-ray information rather than expensive and time consuming CT data,  which allows us reduce the cost of our implant delivery by over 75% and provide 6 times faster turn around than traditional patient matched implants.  Further, our implants are designed by a world renowned surgeon, which lends instant credibility to our product offering.   

We believe we can scale rapidly once the technology is deployed and expect to achieve $8-$10 million in revenue in the first two years with a gross profit of approximately 71%.  

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