Shine On Hollywood Magazine (SOHM) and Shine On Global, Inc. (SOG)

Digital / Tech, Publication / Media, Hollywood Access needs raising $1 to 5+ Million dollars to preserves Hollywood and digitizing the arts and entertainment worldwide.

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Digital Arts and entertainment media. Please review Media Kit:

INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY #1: Shine On Hollywood Magazine, $1 Million
Shine On Hollywood Magazine (SOHM) is an international digital magazine for arts and popular culture. The magazine, which has been printed since 2012, is focused on artists and entertainment at all levels of business throughout the United States and the world. The management of SOHM is targeting a total combined circulation of more than 26M this year, planning to increase to 30M by the end of 2022, and a global readership of 140+ countries. The magazine will be published monthly with increased press runs throughout the next three years. Organizational sales, email marketing, sponsorships, cross-platform advertising, and direct mail distribution to targeted lists of artists, businesses, and general consumers are utilized to continue the growing subscriptions. 

Publishing is a high profit and high margin business. The key to success is successful marketing.  Shine On Hollywood Group has a highly focused multi-dimensional sales and marketing plan to build its total circulation base quickly. 

Unique Format 

 SOHM is an interactive digital publication optimized with a responsive design for desktops, laptops, tablets, and all other mobile devices, giving users a seamless, engaging experience at their fingertips. 

Successful execution of SOH Group’s plan will produce sales revenues of $3.1 million in year one from this year, $4.8 million in year two, and $6.4 million in year three. Net profit will increase steadily over the next three years. 


The initial objectives of The Group are as follows: 

  1. To raise seed capital of $3,000,000 to ensure publication by month two and to establish a cash reserve to market subscriptions.
  2. To have 500,000 subscribers by the end of 2021 through direct sampling and marketing.
  3. To have an additional 50,000 subscribers by the end of 2021 through organizational sales.
  4. To have 300,000 more subscriptions sold in 2022.
  5. Increase to 100,000 promotional copies in issues five and six.
  6. Increase average ad page cost from $1,819 to $2,618 by the end of 2021.
  7. To sell an average of 17.5 ad pages per issue throughout the year.
Mission SOHM is truly for the people.  It works to connect the world community and explore how people and organizations work together to make the world a better place. The magazine has a commitment to being a platform to profile artists who are representing artistic vision in the marketplace and who can both encourage and provide role models to other men and women.

Vision To be among the top ten leading magazine publishing and distribution companies on the globe in the next three years.

Keys to Success The keys to success are: 
  • Attaining targeted circulation levels.
  • Controlling costs while spending the maximum on subscription marketing in year one.
  • Carefully monitoring response rates of all media executions.
  • Follow-on marketing of two to four book titles in the first year.
  • Attaining targeted advertising sales revenues.
  • Having quality editorial content in each issue.
  • Making all production and distribution dates in a timely fashion for each issue.
Company Description

As part of our plan to build a standard magazine publishing and distribution company, we have perfected plans to keep competent and hardworking employees occupying all the available positions in our company. The picture of the company we intend to build and the business goals we want to achieve is what informed the amount we are ready to pay for the best hands available in the publication industry, as long as they are willing and ready to work with us to achieve our business goals and objectives.

Product Line 

We will ensure that we maximize all the services and products that are associated with a magazine publishing and distribution business.  As part of our strategy to create multiple sources of income in line with our core business concept, we will encourage our clients to subscribe to our magazines. If we can successfully gain appreciable numbers of online subscriptions and adverts, we will not struggle to manage and finance the company. Here are some of our products and services: 

  • Availability of online free subscription for our e-magazine
  • Large platforms for publicity and advertising for both individual and corporate clients
  • Daily postings in social media
  • Monthly and seasonal e-newsletters covering breaking news across continents
Market Analysis

Hollywood is the cornerstone of the entertainment industry worldwide.  Pop culture featured in SOHM is manifested around the world through movies, music, television, documentaries, newspapers, global streaming, fast food, fashion, sports, health, and lifestyle.  For this type of news/entertainment magazine, there is indeed a wide range of available customers (readership). In essence, our target market can’t be restricted to just one group of people; it includes all those who love to get the latest updates on news, entertainment, and sports et al. Given that, we have conducted our market research and have ideas of what our target market would be expecting from us. These are the segments we intend to market our magazines to:

Gender:  •Male 45%  •Female 55% 
Age:  •17-24 30%  •25-35 45%  •36 – 50+ 25% 
Categories:  •Music/Film 40%  •Fashion/Beauty 30%  Pageants/Supermodels  •Dance/Visual Arts 22%  •Books/Poetry/Novels 5%  •Comedies/Plays 3%
Income:  •35K-50K 20%  •51K-85K 37%  •86K+ 43% 

Marketing Plan 

Our goal is to grow SOHM to become one of the top ten magazine publishing and distribution companies in the United States of America.  Thus, we have mapped out a strategy that will help us take advantage of the available market and grow to become a powerful force, not only in the USA but also in other parts of the world. 

Our advertisers use SOHM’s frequency and reach to target a mix of industry professionals, A-list celebrities, and consumer influencers in metropolitan areas throughout the world. Our readers prefer to be reached through:  
·         Email 
·         Internet 
·         Magazine advertisements 
·         Local publications 

With the above challenges, we are set to make use of the following marketing and sales strategies to attract clients: 
·         Introduce our publication by sending introductory letters alongside a copy of our magazine to corporate organizations, advertising agencies, and key stakeholders. 
·         Promptly bid for advert contracts from the government and other cooperate organizations. 
·         Advertise our magazine’s business aspects relevant to TV and radio stations. 
·         Leverage the internet to promote the sale and distribution of our magazine. 
·         Engage direct marketing approaches. 
·         Encourage word-of-mouth marketing from loyal and satisfied clients. 

Financial Plan

Equity investment in the company is now being made available to outside investors.  The purpose of this investment is to raise the needed capital to publish the magazine. The minimum amount which would be sufficient to publish the magazine in 2021 is $3,000,000.  Money raised more than the minimum will enable full-scale sampling and marketing of subscriptions. No further investment may be needed.  However, it cannot be assured that additional capital will not be required in the future or that sufficient capital will be available to continue publication.  Use of funds summary is available per request.

Current Issue:


INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY #2: Shine On Global, Inc., $5 Million +


Within the next five years, Shine On Global, Inc.  (SOG Group) will become the largest platform network in the world by allowing worldwide cultures to blend into a positive viewership increasing communication and relationships through the sharing of inspiring real stories by real people from Hollywood across the globe.

SOG Group’s mission is to create multiple platforms that inspire, educate, entertain, and empower viewers around the world to live their best lives and prosper. 

·         Increase internet users and viewership worldwide to 75% of the global population within 5 years 
·         Increase profit by 200% within 5 years 
·         Get worldwide reorganization up to 50% more from current 26.6 million viewers in the first year 
·         Built great rapport and reputation with other industry professionals in the arts and entertainment 
·         Help other countries develop relationships with each other through the arts and culture 
·         Cultivate relationships with industry professionals and influencers 
·         Attract attention with innovative movers and shakers in the industry 
·         Create and develop as sustainably as possible 
·         Educate the firm with new, innovative digital technology   
·         Bring investors and shareholders 
·         Form a qualified board of directors 
·         Create a corporate business structure 
·         Develop budget plan for needs to make profit 
·         Create job descriptions and company's policies 
·         Hire qualified professionals in their fields: CPA, bookkeeper, Sales& Marketing managers, R&D, etc. 

SOG's Departments
-  Digital Solutions: Entertainment system, E-One Sheet, E-Jukebox, Network Services
-  Streaming Network Worldwide: Awards, Domestic and Foreign, Festivals, Red Carpets, Commercials,  Shine On LIVE! (Talk Show), etc. 
-  e-Publications  (Domestic and International): Shine On Hollywood Magazine, Shine On New York, Miami, Las Vegas, etc., Shine On Bollywood, Shine On Dubai, etc. 
- Creative Arts: Fashion, Art Portraits, Graphic, Video, etc. 
- Streaming Sevice: Similiar to Netflix, HULU, Amazon Prime, etc. 
- Music: Recording, Music Publishing, Distribution, etc.
- Non-Profit: Charities, etc. 
Executive Summary 

Shine On Global, Inc. (SOG Group) is the parent company of Shine On Hollywood Magazine (SOHM). The magazine, a popular digital publication with a circulation of nearly 26.6 million hits in 140+ countries worldwide, has already featured over 350 industry professionals in the past eight years. It has done its best to showcase celebrities you will easily recognize, along with lesser-known yet equally successful entertainment personalities. Giving back to their communities is one of the most important requirements for being featured in our publication. SOHM is the fastest growing digital magazine in Hollywood and around the world, covering pop culture, arts, and entertainment. Here is why it is unique from other publication outlets: 

·         SOHM allows worldwide cultures to blend into a positive readership that promotes communication and relationships, utilizing SOHM'S slogan "Real People, Real Stories” of Hollywood and around the world. 
·         SOHM exclusively interviews celebrities and non-celebrities, who have contributed some exceptional tips from whom our readers can learn.  That's what Shine On Hollywood Magazine is all about: expressing facts and positive stories involving intimate portrayals which specifically highlight the circumstances that reflect their present stations in life, without mentioning political involvements or disparaging others. 
·         SOHM is an interactive digital publication, optimized with a responsive design for desktops, laptops, tablets, and all other mobile devices, giving users a seamless, engaging experience at their fingertips. The subtle but obviously fresh look gives readers larger pictures, more videos and hyperlinks, and bigger stories, all within a lengthier publication. 
·         SOHM is trusted by, respected by, and has a strong relationship with major organizations in Hollywood and around the world, here to mention a few:

- Golden Globe Awards / HFPA
- Oscars /  Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences 
- Emmy Awards  / Daytime Emmy Awards (NATAS)
- Billboard Awards
- Tony Awards
- Grammy Awards
- Screen Actor Guild Awards
- NAMM Show
- Sundance Film Festival
- Miss Universe 
- Hollywood Museum
- Hollywood Walk of Fame
- Hollywood Music In Media Awards
- Elton John Foundation
 - Various Film Festival Awards 
...and much more! 
Publishing is a high profit and high margin business.  The key to success is successful marketing.  The SOG Group has a highly focused multi-dimensional sales and marketing plan to build its total circulation base quickly.  The same channels and methods were utilized to establish circulation through 190 countries worldwide. 
 Successful execution of the SOG Group's plan will produce sales revenues of $3.1 million in year one, $4.8 million in year two, and $6.4 million in year three.  Net profit will increase steadily over the next three years per country. 

The highlights of the business plan are illustrated in the following chart.  Sales, margins, and net profit increase each year.  The lowest margins occur in year one, reflecting the marketing costs of building the circulation base. 

In addition, in today’s challenging world, people from different cultures and economic statuses unite through arts and entertainment in music, film, TV, fashion, arts, etc.  With traditional forms of entertainment changing every day, the internet has become and will remain the premier platform for delivering content to the masses.  There are countless internet-based television networks and radio stations currently active, but the SOG Group grid, exclusive content, and talented team will make the Shine On Network (SON) a leader in network entertainment.  Although entertainment unites the world, each geographic location or city has a scene that is inherently unique and distinct to its location, essentially its own Universe. This idea and concept are already being and have been utilized through SOHM; it has already outranked any competitor. 

The SON is an interactive, multichannel content streaming platform that offers live, linear, and video-on-demand streaming.  The SON will be the fastest-growing multichannel platform in the world, with over 100,000,000 organic views and 350,000 organic users, projecting less than two years ahead.  The SON will be accessible on Smart TVs & mobile devices as well as other content platforms like ROKU and ROKU TVs, expectantly over 30 million households and controlling 13% of the TV market.  The SON connects live, linear, and video-on-demand streaming to multiple platforms (ROKU, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, all other social media, websites, mobile devices, and Smart TVs). 

Company Ownership 
Arnold Garcia is the founder of The Shine On, Inc.. a newly formed California "C" corporation.  He currently owns all its stock.  

Company Locations and Facilities
The Shine On, Inc. has current offices at 9350 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 203, Beverly Hills, CA 90212.  The phone number is 323-774-6977, and the general email address is [email protected]  It is not anticipated that expanded facilities will be needed for the first year of the plan.  All business, management, and editorial functions will be performed remotely and meeting virtually.  All printing, mailing, warehousing, and fulfillment will be outsourced. 

Market Analysis Summary

  ·         The target market is broadly based and is defined as the worldwide business at all levels in any organization. 
  ·         Market segments are defined by organizational affiliation. 
  ·         Media strategy and execution may vary by segment.  

Strategy and Implementation Summary
  Our strategy is based on serving a clearly defined niche market well.  By having an identifiable market with available lists and related memberships, the management of the SOG GROUP believes we can exceed the publishing and networking industries standards for being in demand.  Committed major A-list industries are a passionate and loyal clientele.  The task is to reach and inform the target market. The strategy is to combine sampling, direct mail, and group membership solicitation to build circulation through both subscriptions and social media distribution.  Multi-channel distribution principles will be employed.  Each has a differing margin structure, but the combination will maximize the potential reach of the company goals.

Marketing & Distribution Strategy  With generating millions of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses DATA through digital magazines and networks, both sample and media-based that are very lucrative.  Facebook, Google, and all other social media platforms generate major revenue by utilizing the data that was accumulated. Several of these databases are already available to SOHM, which has access to a list of millions of business leaders.  All will be sampled with the magazine. 

Marketing Programs - Promotion Strategy  In addition to advertising, direct email, and media executions, public relations exposure will benefit magazine and network circulation significantly.  Major A-list celebrities and industry professionals have already appeared and been interviewed on Shine On LIVE!. Tapes of these interviews are available on

Management Summary 

With production and fulfillment services outsourced, SOHM has the need for general management, editorial, artistic, sales & marketing, and financial expertise. 

About the Founder Arnold Garcia, President & CEO, Publisher & Editor

Arnold Garcia is no stranger to success. From humble beginnings, he built a solid career in healthcare, then went on to enjoy triumph in computer technology and later to write, perform, and produce music.  In addition, he has created and hosted multiple showcases, highlighting the talents of others through his production company,  AGEP Music Group.  Arnold has received various awards and recognition from major establishments. 
It is the faith in yourself that enables you to find your soul’s purpose and fulfill your dreams, all while improving your quality of life.  As an example of doing it (anyway), no matter what others say or what negative framework exists out there, Arnold Garcia, aka Arnold G, toured the world performing top 10 hit dance music, for which he was recognized for a Grammy.  Then, after a life-threatening illness and recovery, he founded and launched Shine On Hollywood Magazine in 2012. The Shine On Hollywood mission statement says it all:

“Dedicated to providing a positive, meaningful, and educational experience and to inspire our readers with knowledge and information from creative, qualified industry professionals.”

Since its initial inception, the publication has astounded mainstream media. SOHM garners over 26.6 million hits annually since 2014 in 60 countries and today is in 140+ countries.  SOHM continues to expand and is changing the Hollywood media framework from gossip and division to providing the inspirational and positive stories of artists, philanthropists, entertainers, fashionistas, non-profit leaders, and more.
The goal of “Shine On Hollywood” is to provide positive, and uplifting stories about Hollywood and the entertainment industry for its world-wide audience."Real People, Real Stories" and "Let them be your motivation,” the overall themes of the magazine, have made it stand out in the field of digital publication.

In May 2013 and September 2015, SOHM was featured at the heart of Times Square, emblazoned in light upon the 9,000 sq. ft. NASDAQ Marquee, in New York City. SOHM ranks #3 for the Google Search “Hollywood magazine” and continues to be the fastest-growing publication of its kind, while other magazine circulations decline. 

July 2021 will mark the ninth anniversary of Shine On Hollywood Magazine’s e-publication. As the magazine nears this landmark, it is looking ever forward to increasing its influence as a positive force in the entertainment and related business industries, under the guidance of its founder and CEO, Arnold Garcia. He is always creating something new and always seeking ways to make the world, his circumstances, and yours, a better place to live.  Learn more about how he "Succeeded."

The following links to our Vision, Mission and Values, and SOHM Media Kit 2020 are available for review. 

Along this journey, Arnold was moved by the crisis occurring for those marginalized by the diagnosis of mental illness.  His early life included work in mental health residential, outpatient, and emergency settings at Camarillo State Hospital in California.  This experience personified the pain and resilience of so many people struggling to maintain their emotional and mental health.  His work with individuals diagnosed with psychosis, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and multiple diagnoses primed Arnold to be compassionate and vigilant as the mental health crisis increases, not only in the United States, but globally.  

This has catapulted Arnold to make a difference, to address the issue of the mental health crisis, and to begin the journey of HUMANIA, the Documentary.  Arnold strives to bring experts in the field of mental health, wellness, medicine, and international organizations such as the UN and UNESCO, the WHO, and other leaders together.  Working together, we improve communication about mental health, find solutions for its management and care, and inspire new ways of looking at it.  Working together, we will help decrease suffering and bring hope to future generations.  Web: 

Arnold Garcia is also a motivational speaker: Reflections On Arnold Garcia’s Speech at Cal State, Los Angeles


●   2012 - Present: He formed a publication, Shine On Hollywood Magazine, generating 26.6m readers in 60 countries within 2 years. Today, his publication is widely received to 140+ countries, becoming the fastest growing publication to ever come out of Hollywood 

●   2006 - 2012: He created A&G Entertainment Productions to help prepare young artists in the development and business knowledge 

●   2004 - 2006: As a recording artist, releasing his album "Driven Straight to The Dance Floor,” Arnold G reached #1 on various dance charts around the world.  His music has been acknowledged at the Grammys, MTV, and Billboard, hitting #1 artist multiple times at the  He traveled around the world and performed for up to 30K audiences. 

●   1997 - 2003: He formed his own branding customization laptop and desktop computers, FlexNote and FlexPC, catering to resellers, VARs, and system integrators; he sold thousands of units, earning 20-40% profit per unit. He became a millionaire in less than 6 months from a start-up company, Microflex Technology, Fremont, CA. 

●   1984 - 1997: He worked in various high-tech industry companies in Silicon Valley of the San Francisco, Santa Clarita, and San Jose Bay Area.  He held high positions, including system analysis, VP of Operations, general manager, and eventually VP of Sales & Marketing in the Fortune 500 companies’ hardware and software. 

●   1977 - 1983: He worked at the mental hospital as a pt-nurse in Camarillo State Hospital.  It’s now the University of Channel Island. 

●   1978 - Present: He has been in the entertainment industry since high school in Camarillo, CA.  He was a dancer, model, and singer. He is now a publisher in the arts & entertainment industry worldwide. 
Turning Points

●   1976 – 1977: He volunteered at the Camarillo State Hospital (CSH), putting in 16 hours a day while going to Camarillo High School. CSH provided him a place to stay and 3 meals a day, as he was on 

●   call all the time for help due to short staff.  After a year, CSH offered him a full-time job as a nursing assistant.  He had to attend nursing school while he was in high school.  He couldn’t focus100% in high school, since he was overwhelmed.  He had no social life or life of his own, but he felt very fortunate to have a roof over his head and 3 meals a day.  He sacrificed it all and gave the best performances while he was making a difference.  He was awarded a certificate of appreciation from CSH as best volunteer of the year. 

●   1977: He was offered work as a CSH employee, and he became the youngest person ever hired in the state of California at that time. He was 15 years old and turned 16 a few months later. 

●   1983: He was injured at work (CSH), receiving a back injury (slipped disk) while breaking up a fight on duty. 

●   1984: He decided to change his career to computers, which hardly existed back then.  He had to find a special counselor to help him find a school that offered computer classes.  Instead, he went to a private computer trade school. 

●   1985: He got his first job in computer repair as tech support and got promoted to system analysis. 

●   1990: Climbing in high-tech industry sales and marketing, he became in demand, earning $40-100k+ in many Fortune 500 companies. He surpassed all the highest job positions in the industry, bringing millions of dollars in sales to companies and exceeding his quotas.  He went from executive manager to VP of Sales & Marketing. He created and developed another segment of several companies by producing departments, successfully creating a tech support department, an R&D department, a purchasing department, a customer service department, a credit department, a Q.C. department, and a shipping department. 

●   1998: He formed a computer company, Microflex Technology, and became a millionaire in less than 6 months.  He built laptops and desktops and sold to resellers, VARs, and system integrators, earning 20-40% profit per unit. 

●   2003: He developed cancer. To the present, he has never stopped fighting and refuses to dwell on it.  

●   2006: He went into the music industry, released his first album, and traveled around the world. His album was embezzled by the record label.  He didn’t receive a penny from his CD sales. This is when he decided to step down from his music and help educate and develop young artists. 

●   2010: He formed A&G Entertainment Productions to help develop and educate the youth about the music business.  He created singing contests and mentorship programs. Shine On was born. He created and developed these shows: 

1.       Local celebrity singing contest, preparing young artists for the bigger screen, like American Idol, etc. 

2.       Shine On Hollywood Showcase “Artists Meet the Industry,” where industry professionals judge their ability on their performances before signing.  It was a great platform for artists to be heard and challenged their ability to showcase their talents; it had two successful events. 

3.       Bring It On! 6-weeks Singing Contest Mentorship program. Using his experience, he offered all 13 chosen candidates to hone their skills by offering stage coaching, vocal coaching, branding, and self-confidence. 

4.       In 2012, he created and developed Shine On Hollywood Magazine. SOHM became the fastest growing publication to ever come out of Hollywood, with 26.6 million readerships in 140+ countries. It hit the top 3 on Google search “Hollywood Magazine,” surpassing all the other major publications that have been around for 30 to 80 years. 
Closing Statement

IN HIS WORDS:  It’s important to connect all the dots that contribute to life.  These are the key elements to get through in life, personally and professionally.  

- RAISE YOUR STANDARDS: If you raise your standards but don’t really believe you can meet them, you’ve already sabotaged yourself. 
-YOUR COMMITMENTS: To keep your commitments, you need the best strategies for achieving results.  I’ll tell you now that the best strategy in almost any case is to find a role model, someone who’s already getting the results you want, and then tap into their knowledge.  Learn what they are doing, what their core beliefs are, and how they think.  Not only will this make you more effective, it will also save you a huge amount of time because you won’t have to reinvent the wheel.  You can fine tune and reshape it to make it even better. 
- TAKE ACTION: You see, in life, people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know.  Knowing is not enough!  You must take action.  You can continue to make key distinctions about how to produce results quicker.  By utilizing the strategies I’m telling you right now, you can immediately and dramatically change your performance. 
-RELATIONSHIPS WITH PEOPLE: As you achieve mastery of all-important skills, you will learn how to connect with people at the deepest level and be rewarded with something we all want to experience: a sense of contribution, knowing that we have made a difference in other people’s lives.  I’ve found that, for me, the greatest resource is a relationship because it opens the doors to every resource I need. 
-LIFESTYLE: My lifestyle may not be the answer for you.  My dreams and goals may not be yours.  I believe, though, that the lessons I’ve learned about how to turn dreams into reality, how to take the intangible and make it real, are fundamental to achieving any level of personal or professional success. 
I created SOHM to be an action guide by providing a positive, meaningful, and educational experience and to inspire you with knowledge and information from creative qualified industry professionals. 
Arnold Garcia Quotes: 
- "All the challenges, hard work, and lessons will help you connect to your future." 
- "Never let anyone say you can’t do it. That’s his/her circumstance.  Not yours." 
- "Believe in your passion and take action. The rest will follow." 
- "If you can't find the answer, create one."
 - "The day I stop, that's the day I die." 
- "Be smart about the decisions you make. Regardless of the outcomes, learn from them."
 - "Life should benefit you, not condemn you." 
- "Failure is part of the process in life. Trust it, and it will lead you to success." 
- "Dream big and aim high! Do not settle for less." 
- "Never get discouraged or ask permission from others who don’t understand you." 
- "Surround yourself with people who can encourage and empower you and others." 
- "As long as you're doing something positive in your life, no one can dictate who you are, only you." 
- "Being a victim will only destroy your future." 
- "Ego is a sign of insecurity. Humbleness is a sign of self-confidence." 
 - "Love yourself without permission."

Testimonial from the former two-times President and current Trustee of the Hollywood Foreign Press / Golden Globe Awards, Dr. Aida Takla-O’Reilly:

SOHM Hollywood Magazine " YOU SHINE the World!” 

"I have been in the world of journalism for a long time and saw the gradual deterioration in reporting and communicating with the people; it went from reporting to projecting, from facts to gossip, from balance to sensationalism. I was turned off from reading the newspaper. 

Then you came along Arnold Garcia and touched my life. You made it your mission to bring to the world the stories of real people. Instead of news of the extraordinary rich doing ordinary things, you went to the ordinary people doing extraordinary things. 

Instead of taking the easy road, you took the "Road Less Traveled" and demonstrated how magnificently "real people"

rise and shine. You set the standard for what journalism and reporting are all about. You have raised the bar. Thank you SOHM HOLLYWOOD MAGAZINE team for dedicating your time and talent to what is really important in life, Goodness."

~ Dr. Aida Takla-O’Reilly 

Click here for more testimonials.


Hollywood Entertainment: 

Here is why Arnold Garcia wants to preserve a dying Hollywood and turn it to digital.  Hollywood is a hub around the world and there is a lot of money to make, it just needs revamping.  This is the best time to take over Hollywood:


NBC Pulls Out of Airing 2022 Golden Globes:

Golden Globes ratings plummet to 6.9 million viewers in 2021:

Oscar Ratings Plummet to Record Low, Down 58% Compared to Last Year:

Grammys 2021 TV broadcast ratings hit record lows:

TV Ratings: Emmy Awards Drop to All-Time Low 6.1 Million Viewers: 

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