Shestel, Inc.

Raising $3M to develop a social networking platform that leverages the realm of entertainment including movies, TV, books and more to bring people of similar interests closer.

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Shestel is a social networking platform that is working toward reshaping the landscape of social connection as technology advancements evolve. We believe that technology is not directly to blame for the issue of social isolation and disconnection we are experiencing across the globe. To solve that issue, we must understand this is our responsibility to create social platform that can adequately combine the benefits of technology and our ability to create a social platform redefine through consideration of people of similar interests or entertainment including movies, music, books and more to drive people to open conversation, share their opinions, discover critical thinking while everyone is entitled to be fun and community through the bond of community.

At Shestel we believe that we are wired to connect and by using technology, entertainment and value the factor of social connection, we can create a platform that doesn't follow the structure of a standard social media platform that tend to be impersonal and superficial. With Shestel we want to offer people a place where they belong within an environment tailored to everyone's unique preferences while they can open discourse for improvement of self awareness, learning and fun. 

To sustain the expenses and costs of operation to offer our users the best user experience possible we have created a business model containing two stages.  B2C business model: a) Targeted Ads, b) Affiliate commissions. Once we manage to acquire a substantial volume of users, we will strategize to retain them with constant service revision and analyze the raw data collected within the bounds of the law to offer a B2B business structure to improve our revenue stream.

Data collected will be sold to content producers and providers, especially the Indies Films and music companies to help them get ahead of the game with more information on their potential niche target. Finally, we will host partners event on the platform to catch early product/service adopters including our base users to be interested in getting presales value and other of form of ROI to bring help partners generate revenue and become more present in the scenery in arts and entertainment.

Our users who are first hand customers are the first order of focus  and their acquisition will span from India as a very populated country, open to technology improvement and acceptability and the second layers are partners with whom B2B activities will be conducted as clients.

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