Shasta Landscape & Garden Mercantile

75k needed for “Screenprinting on pallet wood” “Landscape on a pallet”-do it yourself for homeowner/creating unique areas in their yard and it’s all on the pallet! Incl instruction

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Hi. We are Ernie & Cathy Borgel. This is our story..... (Shortened version) We haven’t finalized our store name yet......a couple possibilities are: 
Shasta Landscape, Garden, & Mercantile or
 Boho Garden Mercantile 
My husband has his ideas too 🤣

 Here is what we do: 

1)Pallet Wood Reclamation for resale
      a.Art on a pallet 
      b. Selling blank pallet wood pieces by the plank or foot
      c. Crafting  furniture from pallets: tables, art, shelves, crates, bookshelves, etc.... endless ideas!

 2) Landscape on a pallet (for the homeowner)this is my husbands baby! It is a phenomenal idea! People will love it!!!  These are designed for creating small unique spaces in your yard. Example: a customer is looking to landscape a patio sitting area under his olive tree and nothing else just that area. We will have a  “ landscape on a pallet that fits his patio perfectly!
These pallets contain EVERYTHING a person will need to bring their landscape to life!  Having the customer put together their own landscape with irrigation would be very empowering and reward for most.  

3) specialty plant sales with an emphasis on upcycling planter pots In a boho/unique fashion. We have hundreds of pots!

 4) specialty plants including houseplants, succulents, and lots of cacti 🌵

 5) we have a full screenprint shop in which we screenprint on different substrates including but not limited to. Canvas, Pallet wood, Metal, Plastic, Hats, Cups, and I guess T-shirt’s!!! 🤣 Shirts will NOT be on the forefront, BUT! We would never say no to a sale! 

6) we would be an authorized dealer for “screenprint” supplies and screens... my husband makes his own screens and will offer this service to others
7) I’m a notary

 8) I would love to be a mail package service. It is a great location for one! It could be an authorized ups and fed ex shipment 

 Thank you so much for listening to our story. I promise, we will NOT let you down.

 Of note: we have access to endless pallets- the nice pallets as well as reclaimed old fences, old buildings etc.. we just picked up a large fence of pure redwood, and another one that is Alaskan yellow cedar!!! Our focus is on backyards and allowing customers to be a BIG part of there “mini landscapes” on a pallet! 

Lots more info upon request We already have a building, but Covid shut our dreams down. My husband is an amazing creator. He has worked so incredibly hard for us. Not only did covid shut our dream business down.... I got seriously ill in November 2019 and received 27 rounds of chemotherapy/immunotherapy! And my husband was Superman ❤️Through the entire journey!
 My husband took a job in the Bay Area when I fell ill. He commutes and stays down there during the week and works on our business and property nonstop on the weekends. He is so tired of chasing his dream. Covid had a huge impact on our psyche We still have our store. Our lease is through December of this year. We are located at 3038 Bechelli Lane next door to don’s sandwich shop My husband has a bachelors degree in communications from Chico and he is a licensed landscape contractor We are looking for $50,000 - $75,000 for start up. This has been Ernie’s dream. He is a carpenter at heart and is a visionary..... with wisdom! He is loyal, super honest, and Chivalrous! We have a business plan (rough draft) and it can be finalized ASAP! If we are to get these monies, it would change our world. It would afford me a chance to heal at my own pace (I’m a critical care nurse), it would allow Ernie to quit the job in the Bay Area, it would allow us to put 100% of ourselves to our dream! The best part is we live just one block from our store! A big part of the monies would go towards the landscape on a pallet and inventory, as well as funding the costs of the building We already have most of the screenprint equipment brand new! I

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