Senzary is an end to end IOT solutions developer. We are raising seed money for serving and grow pipeline, product management and customer support.

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Senzary is revolutionizing the way that businesses capture and manage their data. Our enterprise-grade infrastructure and solutions are specifically designed to be low-cost, low-power, and wireless battery-powered sensors. 
This includes carrier-grade sensor management solutions and plug-and-play data analytics that are user-friendly and intuitive. Senzary's innovative sensors and solutions are being utilized across a wide range of industries, including Airports, Ports, Oil & Gas, Mining, and Manufacturing. 

Our solutions provide optimal cost optimization, supply chain management, sustainability, emissions monitoring, energy management, Air & Water Quality, and predictive maintenance. Senzary's flagship product, IoTLogIQ, is a top-of-the-line data mediation platform that enables real-time processing and seamless integration. With flexible deployment options and scalability, Senzary is becoming a global leader in data management solutions through partnerships with top industry distributors like Advantech, Anixter, Wesco, Synnex, and Actility.

We have developed an innovative ESG solution that measures emissions on vessels passing through the Panama Canal in accordance with MARPOL regulations. We are currently in the proposal phase for continuing these services, with an estimated cost of 2-3 million USD.

We have developed an innovative solution for determining the temperature breach across the supply chain  for eliminating unjustified product rejection and 

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