Non Wearable Sleep Tracker

We are looking for JV partner. Set up new head office in the US, has all right. Only monthly $30k fund needs until ramping up the mass production. Review first

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- Brief  

This is MyeongDuck Lee, CEO of SenSolution Korea. We have developed AI Non Wearable  Sleep Tracker and need $450K fundraising to manufacture the product and build

new company in the U.S.  

- Problem: 

Do you want to sleep well? And wake up well ? In fact, the number of patients who are suffering from sleep disorders has doubled over the past 10 years, the more increasing!!

- Short Summary

JadaIn, new bland is the best AI contactless sleep tracker and solution in the world. 

1. Adorable Smart Light 

2. Sleep Quality Diagnosis 

3. 24 Hours Room Condition (Temp/Hum, CO2, Light)

4. Weekly Sleep Report/Find Your Clinic

5. Wide Range Measurements : Up To 9.8ft


- Highlights

1. We have the finished product, very splendid and adorable

2. Indirect competitor is selling 10K per month at $200 in Amazon : we have more benefits

3. We already have excellent team for R&D and operation

4. We gets all certificates to sell the product now(not obstacle)

5. We have website :


- Funding Target : US$450,000

- The Business : website(

The JadaIn consists of Smart Light and App(Working together).

Smart Light : No set up ! No button ! All is AI.

1. Sleep Inducing Light : When you go to bed, its color turns on red to fall asleep quickly. Turn off automatically when you start to sleep

2. Gentle Wake Up light : The light turns on like sunrise before you wake up.

3. CO2 Detection Alarm Light : When the indoor CO2 exceeds 2,000 ppm, the red light flashed.

4. Motion Detection Light : Occupancy(light on)/Absence(light off)

Mobile App :

1. 24 hours Room Condition : Real time Occupancy, Room temp/hum, CO2, Light and today step

2. Sleep Diagnosis and Report : Daily Sleep Diagnosis and Weekly Report to improve your sleep quality

3. Sleep Apnea Detection : Triggers an alarm when sleep apnea lasts more than 10 seconds

- The Market/Competitors

There are many sleep tackers in Amazon. They are mostly wearable like watch, band or ring.

Indirect Competitor :

1. Whoop(band type) in Amazon sold 9K last month at $215

2. Fitbit(watch type) in Amazon sold over 10k last month at $80

3. Hatch(only sleep light) in Amazon sold over 10k at $199 : look at this.. our product is more adorable package with more function.

4. Oura Ring(Ring) : A million pcs so far sold at $300 

Direct competitor is Somnofy(Nor) that is $400 with monthly subscription.

Expect over 50k sets per month/600K sets annually in the US sleep tracker market, $120M in Amazon, Potential Market : Mattress Company

- Competition-Market Positioning:

We are very exclusive position in this market. Only smart light product(indirect competitor) is selling 10K last month at $199. Our selling price at Amazon(not open yet) is $229 

with 30% profits(except Amazon fee, Flight charge Materials, Labor cost). We are targeting 30K set/($6M)/2024 and 100K($20M) set in 2025.  
We need pending the Design and Patent in US. 


Now Jadain finalize the development over 2 years on 2023 Nov in Korea. The first shipment, 160 sets is arrived in Amazon fullfillment on Dec 2023. 

The start selling price in Amazon is $229.      We are ready for :

1. Fcc(US)/CE(Europe)/KC(Korea), US trademark, ISO 9001(QC), 2 Korean Patents approved

2. Team : 1 CEO, 1(Hardware Eng), 1 Sales, 1 Labor, 3 Software Eng in India(annual contract)

3. SEO(Search Engine Optimization) : we already start SEO and in a couple of month we will list on the top page of Google. We have SNS, facebook, Linkein

3. Website : you able to see the more information.

4. Amazon : Brand Registry, 160 set Fullfillment now.

-Objectives/Future/Strategy : Very Important

To receive your fund,  

1. We can set up "new company" in your country as head office(I share equity of new company).

2. Transfer all Technology: Hardware, Software /license/Certificate/Patents to the "new company" :  Transfer charge is $200K. My current company has invested a lot to finalize the development over 2 years. The charge will be payed  after all completes legally and you are ok (I do not ask any up front cost)

3. Korea is only role for manufacturing and R&D of "new company", which pays the salary and expense about $35,000 per month.(4 Salaries : 1 engineer, 1 production and QA, 1 labor and me.  utility, gases, meals)

4. All financial account is in "new company" of your country 

5. For 6 months, the fund you invest is : Korea expense , $210,000($35,000 x 6 months) + Technology Transfer, $200,000 = Total : $410,000~$450,000.  The production cost does not included(material cost) : If we manufacture 1K set, we need the material cost ( 1K set x $80 = $80,000). 1 labor capa is 500 set per month, salary is about $2,500 per month. 1 labor is already included in the current Korea expense.

6.  Why? because I think you(not only you) do not invest my company in Korea. So I think this is the best way for your safe investment and high profit. 

7.  Target in 2024y : 30,000 sets, $6M sales, $2M profits/ 2025y : 100k sets, $20M sales, $7M profits. 

8.  Low risk, High return!! invest $450,000 only to get the AI technology and ultra profits and no direct competitors. 
We want to set up new company in the US.
-The Team

We in Korea are working 4 peoples including me, 3 software engineer in India.

 CEO : Electronics BS, 25 years sensor business (pressure sensor, temp, thermal array) as a distributor with Silicon valley , manufacturer and R&D for 5 years

1 Hardware Engineer : Electronics Master, 20 years hardware and firmware design related to the industrial

1 Sales & Marketing : 15 years field sales engineer

1 labor : 15 years in production and QC

We have 3 software engineers in India, made the annual subcontractor to develop. : 1 backend, 1 frontend, 1 design


I started the own business from 2003 with NovaSensor and SMI, both are in Silicon Valley as sales distributors related to sensor. After COVID 19, we developed the temperature module and scanner, and sold 100K, $3M sales. In the end of 2021, we stared to develop this project, contactless sleep tracker and the most serious problem to perform this project is we did not have software engineer for mobile app. Too difficult to find software eng during covid 19, so I found the India partner who has 100 software engineers. Finally we did successful to make the mobile app.

If you have any questions, please let me know : [email protected]/[email protected]

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