Raising minimum $535K to produce and advertise pilot episode, Over 115K raised so far, offering 20 times invested amount up to $200K then 14 times return..

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"Selling Seattle is a smart broad comedy in the vein of "Seinfeld" and "Arrested Development".  My business coach said the key is having a great team and we have a rock star team! Our writer, Jay Williams, has won two national script contests. You can read the pilot script on our website.  We are working with North by Northwest to produce the pilot episode. Rich Cowan, one of their partners, has worked with top talent over many years including John Travolta, Al Pacino, Nicholas Cage, Antonio Banderas and many others. His bio is on our crowdfunding site. After production we will stream on the internet in a 30 minute format with commercials. Our funding website is  Our website is  There is a lot of information on both websites. Thanks for taking a look! Questions email [email protected] Jim McGuffin, Producer/Owner.

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