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Support an honorably discharged Asian American Disabled Veteran

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I would like to build a self storage facility in Lemoore California. There are a few commercial lots available. Currently all self storage facilities in the area are 100% full. Finding a self storage is easy, finding a self storage that has any units available is almost impossible in this area. Great potential in a growing community and an opportunity to give back to the community. I believe Lemoore is a very unique area. This area is known for agriculture, however you have the Surf Ranch just a few miles away. Housing developments have been approved and are growing the population of the area. The Cannabis industry is growing in the area. We are a few miles from Naval Air Station Lemoore. With squadrons constantly going on deployments they are always looking for storage to put household goods while away. I know first hand as I was one of them when I was active duty. I believe any investor looking at opportunities can look at the Lemoore, California area and see the potential.  
About me: I served honorably in the US Navy for 14 years active duty in Logistics and currently still work for the Federal Government. I've been in the Acquisitions/ Purchasing/Contracting roles since leaving active duty. I have my B.S. in Business with all my classes geared toward Small Business Entrepreneurship.  
My wife is currently Active Duty Navy and deployed.
So not only would you be supporting a veteran you will be supporting two veterans. 
Thank you for your time in reviewing my project and I would appreciate any feedback investors have. 
Plan of Action and Milestones: 
Obtain funding (investors, loans etc..) Locate commercial property: Get quotes from self storage contractors: Permitting with the county: Completion Date: Grand Opening and invite all investors. 
When researching costs for self storage facilities a single story at around 60,000 square feet and $45 per sq ft would cost about $2.7mil. With operating costs I believe $3mil would be at the very high end. 
Once the commercial land is found that will determine the size of facility that can accommodate the land.  Researching companies to build the facility would be next. Along with the cost of local permitting. 

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