SelenBio, Inc.

The future of antimicrobial technology, SELDOX®, a safe, non-toxic and disruptive selenium based compound.

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SelenBio, Inc. is the developer of a new selenium-based antimicrobial compound. Proven effective in preventing biofilm formation and killing, bacteria, fungus and viruses (pending).  Our patented SELDOX® compound is chemically integrated at the manufacturing level and covalently bound to the material giving it antimicrobial characteristics.  It does not leach, is safe, and non-toxic.  Any product or material that would benefit from having antimicrobial properties is a candidate for our SELDOX® compound.
Our company is seeking sublicensee's in the medical, consumer, industrial, textile and veterinary industries to partner with under a joint development agreement to introduce value-added products that provide protection against harmful bacteria, fungus and viruses.
SelenBio is led by a group of experienced business people assisted by knowledgeable chemist, microbiologist and scientist.  The company intends to validate the technology in several application generating revenue from SELDOX® compound sales as well as royalty revenue from products sold containing our patented formulation.
It's the only selenium-based antimicrobial compound technology on the market today.  Join us in creating a healthier world!  Visit our website

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