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I am raising 25k for real estate purchases, land and houses.

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     Seedful Investments, LLC is a real estate company that invest in land and single family residential homes for 50 cents on the dollar.  We work in tandem with professionals in all different aspects of real estate including realtors, county officials,  general contractors, lawyers , title companies, etc. The problem in this sector of business is that there are many different counties across the US ( including Guam and Puerto Rico) that offer deals on properties every month, but if the investor does not do great due diligence on said properties then one can purchase a land locked piece of land or a dilapidated house that's not  going to sale on the open market.  Our market is extremely diverse due to the fact that we can invest in any county in the US . Our target market is the Dallas Fort Worth area and its surrounding counties.
     The solution to the problem of many deals being offered by the different counties across this country is that one has to have great research skills. We here at Seedful Investments, LLC use a proprietary system that we call the "14-Step Research Process" in order to find the best deals in any county by: 1) Determining Investment objective ( High Interest rate or acquire property outright) 2) Determine the amount of money to invest (how much total do you have to invest and how much do you feel comfortable investing in your first transaction)  3)Select specific markets to invest in. 4) Log on to county site and obtain list of properties, or download from the internet. 5) Determine the geographical area in which to invest in by property values, school districts and zip codes. 6) Highlight properties within our budget. 7) Highlight properties in best areas to invest in. 8) Highlight single family residential only. 9) Obtain a property profile(typically available online) 10) Get updated pictures of properties. 11) Order sub-division maps. 12) View other homes for sale in the same neighborhood. 13) Contact real estate agent for a comparative market analysis. 14)Request a relocation package through the chamber of commerce.
     Our business model for making money is simple and straight forward. Either we invest in tax lien certificates ( TLC) or tax deed properties.  A tax lien certificate is a 1st position lien on a property due to delinquent property taxes. Once the property is a year late ,then the county offers the lien to investors like our company for the back taxes, plus principle and interest associated with  the property.  According to property tax law, each county sets its own interest rate that could range from 8% on the low side to as much as 50% on the high side.  Also, redemption period for the borrower( homeowner)  is a very important concept in this business that each county sets as well.  It can range from 6 months on the low side to 3 years on the high side.  For example, lets say Seedful Investments purchases a tax lien for a property in a working class neighborhood valued at $60,000 in the amount of $2300 including the principle and interest set by the county.  Our company purchases the lien on this property by paying the the county the $2300 plus the penalties, principle and interest and the county gives us a TLC for the property. Now, the county reaches out to whoever has a vested  interest in the property like the bank, mortgage company or homeowner at the time.  If the bank, mortgage company or homeowner decide not to redeem the property for the $2300 plus penalties, interest and principle, then once the redemption period is over Seedful Investments owns the property free and clear for just the backs taxes owned plus the penalties, interest and principle.  If one of the institutions or homeowner steps in to redeem the property, then its no big deal, the county will simply cut Seedful Investments a check for $2300 plus penalties, interest and principle.  In other words, we get our money back along with the principle, interest and and penalties that accumulated due to the redemption period being satisfied. From this point , we simply repeat the process by going through different county lists in the different counties or we can move on to our next money making strategy that is actually more lucrative than this one. 
     Moving forward, the other way to make money in this business is by investing in tax deed properties. With tax deed properties, the county does not offer a TLC because the property has already been delinquent for 3-5 years.  In this case, your looking at a much bigger initial investment amount  that can range from  $5000 on the low side to $10,000 on this high side. In effect, there is no redemption period when investing in tax deed properties.  We here at Seedful investments call this the "Get The Property Every Time" strategy.  We use the same 14-step research process in order to find these deals. One can find these deals in multiple ways by going to county auctions, purchase online( tax resale properties ) or commissioner sale(this is in the state of Michigan) . The state we focus on is Texas because of it being a deed state and the enormous about of property list available every month.  Let me give an example here; lets say our company researches a property in a particular county in Texas and we find a property for $5000 that's valued at $90,000.  The same process happens by reaching out to the county or whoever is in charge of the sale. Typically, in the state of Texas we deal with lawyers who  preside over these type of deals.  These properties are what we call investment properties because no one is actually occupying the home.  So at this point, Seedful Investments purchases this property for $5000. What happens next is that the county or who ever is in charge of this deal,  will give us the the deed to the property. This process normally takes about 30 to 45days. Once we have the deed, now we as a company and the owner of this property can do whatever we want to do. For Example, we can just liquidate the property and make fast cash (sale as is), fix and flip the property, or rent the property for long term gains. The essence of this deal is that once we have the deed, there's  no limit to how we chose to make money. 
     Moreover, the only competition that one can have in this business is other investors and county auctions. There are 3 different types of auctions that we attend. 1) Bidding down the interest rate.  2) Premium Bidding.  3) Rotational Bidding.  But do not let this discourage you because this business has evolved over the years from actually having to go to an auction to now you can purchase these properties in the comfort of your own home online. Some of the resources we suggest is Bid For Assets and Real Auction (online auction sites). When it comes to other real estate investors at these auctions we know from research that most of the competition is only there to purchase 1 or 2 properties.  Also, we noticed that most of the competition is engaged in what we call "emotional bidding".  This is where you go into an auction where you have a set price on what  your willing to pay but in the height of the moment you start to over bid and pay more for a property that someone else is bidding on. Seedful Investments does not operate in this fashion, we simply stick to our bids on a price that is already pre-determined before we step foot in an auction. If the property we want is not within our budget, then we simply move on to the next deal at the sale. Now this is where we beat our competition because we have researched not just 1 or 2 properties but hundreds of properties that's on our list at that given time. By doing it this way, it guarantees us a shot at multiple deals that no one else has researched and it allows us to have continuous back up deals which assures us that we will leave the auction with a property that we desire.  
     Continuing on, the vision for Seedful Investments is one of growth in the market place every year. We will own this market by researching and finding the best deals in different counties. The long term  vision of this company is to start a rental portfolio of the different properties that we continue to invest in. We call this process the "Green Machine".  Here is the Plan: We start by purchasing one property through the tax deed process and build from that point.  Our vision is to purchase 10 properties, depending on rental rates($1500-$2000) and rent them out  for cash flow purposes. Our goal is to do rent out 10 properties every year.  We also have plans for commercial properties as well but we are stating with single family residential homes. 
     We have already made a small investment in land so we can see for ourselves how the process works. Seedful Investments, LLC purchased property in Whitney county (Texas) for $900. After that, we contacted a realtor (Paul Sauer), and got a comparative market analysis. From this point we sold to the highest bidder at the purchase price of $4,000. This was a test case for our company to see if this process actually works and it did! Now , the plan is to expand into the housing market and continue this process.  We are seeking $10,000 in order to purchase our first single family residential home and start to build from this point.  Once we do receive our funding request we plan to immediately use all of our contacts and make the best decision possible on which single family residential home to purchase.  If this all works out we feel like everyone involved can win. To purchase a property for $25,000 and make triple the profit is a win for Seedful Investments, LLC.  This is also a win for the family or individual who purchased our investment because they are getting a smoking hot deal for below the fair market value of a given community.  Last but not least, this is a win for who ever invest in our company because you get your money back with interest (if you so choose) and there are plenty of other deals to be made that we can negotiate the terms and conditions over whoever decides to invest with Seedful Investments, LLC.
     In conclusion, Seedful Investments, LLC feels that this is a win-win situation for everyone involved in the process. We also have a social responsibility when it comes to this type of investment. We are essentially investing in communities around  the world. For example,  when the county offers up these deals they are doing this so they can provide different local departments with the funds needed to keep the community safe.  Some of departments that benefit from our investments are as follows: The Fire Department, The Police Department, Local Schools in the area in which we invest,  Parks and Recreation Centers, etc.  Also, some of the funds used in these transactions are to help build better roads in these communities. We would like to thank you for taking the time to read and understand our request. Seedful Investments, LLC is looking forward to  partnering  up on these deals and share in the profits, and make the communities a better place for all of us! Thanks and have a wonderful day/evening!

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