S&D Sports LLC

Raising $2 mil for a minority owned Sports Agency

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Seeking to raise $3 million to expand a minority-owned Sports Agency, S&D Sports LLC.  The two founding agents have over 30 years of experience in the business. They plan on implementing a model that is client centric that will outsource the critical services required by the athlete.  S&D Sports will target high talent rookies and proven veterans drawn from deep relationships created over many years.  

In addition to negotiating contract and endorsements they will work with the clients to develop wealth protection and risk reduction financial plans.  S&D will also provide financial literacy and career planning services to protect the client after the final buzzer.


This organic growth will be supplemented by acquiring selected small, undervalued agencies in this fragmented industry. The acquisitions will allow S&D to leverage its services to a broader base of athletes across the NBA, NFL, MLB.

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