Scribble LLC

Raising $500k to further technology advances, marketing and advertising, as well as hiring employees.

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Business Overview
Scribble LLC, headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia, is a social networking service designed for authors and writers to network and connect. It’s a unique platform, promoting an open forum and safe space for creators to collaborate, advertise, ask questions, share ideas, find books, scribble notes on the go, build confidence, and network with minds alike. 

Mission Statement
To connect the world's creative minds to increase knowledge and opportunities.
Vision Statement
Our vision is to create and foster an innovative environment for every member.
Ten Core Values
1.     Making a difference
2.     Passion
3.     Teamwork
4.     Continuous improvement
5.     Trust
6.     Communication
7.     Education
8.     Diversity and inclusion
9.     Impact
10.  Growth

Scribble will offer a wide variety of services that accommodate the needs of our members. Services include:

·      Social networking to foster engaging interactions amongst users through text, photo, and video sharing

·      A database where users can upload their books/publications

·      A database where users can ask and answer specific questions and hold discussions

·      Note-taking feature convenient for authors and writers to write on the go

·      Opportunity to grow your network and enhance or establish your brand

·      Ability to directly communicate with users via direct messaging

·      Establishing user profile that clearly defines interests and personal or business brand

Competitive Advantages
·      Offering unique products and services
·      Recognition of brand and image from rapper/entrepreneur Rick Ross
·      Access to intellectual property
·      Access to new technologies via The Suitch Development Team
·      Innovative as this stands as the only platform specifically designed for writers to network and connect
·      Low/affordable prices for Premium subscriptions to consumers
·      Market anticipation (Many have been waiting for a platform like this)
·      Flexibility
Operation and Management
Scribble was filed as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) on October 19, 2021, by owner Torrey C. Butler. Trademark pending. 
CEO (Chief Executive Officer) – Scribble is led by Torrey C. Butler who has been in the mobile application business for two years and an author for three. While Torrey C. Butler is relatively new to the technology field, that does not stop him from achieving every idea he puts into action. He is currently serving active duty in the United States Navy as a Lieutenant. He has led countless Sailors and Marines in harm’s way and possesses incredible leadership and management skills from this profession alone. In addition, Torrey C. Butler is also the author of self-published books Where Do I Go from Here and The Right Way to Go, thus understanding the world of writing. As such Torrey C. Butler has an in-depth knowledge of the business as well as the needs of writers from his personal experiences writing.
- Core responsibilities:
o Setting strategy and direction
o Creating, living and breathing the startup’s culture, values and
o Hiring and leading the company’s executive team (COO, CMO, CTO)
o Implementing short and long term plans
o Making important managerial and operational decisions
o Focusing on the needs of everybody from investors to employees,
customers and the board of directors
o Overall responsible for the failures of the company

Email: [email protected]

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