Scatr Medical

We're using years of proprietary data to develop an overdose reversal drug that will replace naloxone/narcan and save lives.

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Who we are
Scatr Medical is a pharma company developing an overdose reversal drug that works on a lot more drugs than just fentanyl. Our previous company has received over $2 million in awards and sales and has been featured on Business Insider, CBC News, Global News, etc., for our innovations in opioid/drug detection. The data from our devices helped inform us to create our new drug in development.

The Problem
Overdose is the number one cause of death in young Americans (ages 18-45).  The street drug supply is extremely complex, and overdose reversal drugs (i.e. Naloxone/Narcan) are becoming less and less effective due to the presence of new toxic drugs like the tranquillizer xylazine and benzodiazepines. The Biden administration announced xylazine as an emerging threat to the United States. There are currently no xylazine overdose reversal drugs approved, and none even in clinical trials.

Our Solution
Scatr Medical is developing an overdose reversal drug that works. It can reverse overdoses with mixtures of fentanyl and other opioids, along with xylazine and a multitude of other drugs that are causing overdose deaths across the U.S. The Scatr Medical team collectively has:
  • 30+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry
  • 10+ years in the overdose/opioid prevention space
  • 50+ years of private and public research experience

Why now?
There are over 3000 lawsuits against some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world for their role in causing the opioid crisis. Those lawsuits have settlements totalling $54 billion, and a majority of the money must be used to overdose prevention, which includes overdose reversal drugs like naloxone.

We're raising $1 million USD to finish pre-clinical studies in order to become the first xylazine reversal drug in the world in human Phase I clinical trials.

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