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$300k-$500k needed / 90-day loan

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To keep it really simple, I've been in the E-commerce space for 10+ years selling printers and scanners.  Payouts and receivables are getting delayed more and more due to more and more amazon clients having net-30 terms with Amazon thus making it so the more product we sell, the more problematic cash-flow is becoming.  Our margins are good, we have a team of 25-30 employees that have been doing this for a while, and we typically do $400-800k/month in sales.  I'm primarily looking for an ongoing credit line at 24% APR or preferably just a 90-day 6% loan for $300k-$500k although I'm open to other possibilities as well.  I'm not really looking to give up any equity at this point in time but could be open if it was the right fit.  
     Feel free to reach out or pass my info along.

~ Alex

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