Raising $300k to fund new product that automatically creates email code from Figma designs.

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Scalero is a lifecycle marketing studio with $1M in TTM and growing 120% over last year. Our business model consists of tech-enabled services and SaaS. The services side generates 95% of the revenue, but our goal is to have SaaS match and exceed services revenue in the next 2-3 years. We have a new product called Cannoli ( that automatically creates email code from custom Figma designs. This is an innovative tool that does not exist in email marketing now, and we believe it will make a massive difference as more and more companies adopt Figma for email design. We are seeking $300k in order to accelerate growth of this product as we are seeing good traction in our beta but need further development to begin scaling.

We are a team of 21 across San Francisco, New York, and Mexico City. We have decades of experience in email marketing and believe we are uniquely positioned to continue to solve email marketing challenges and turn our $1M business into a $50M business in the next 5 years.

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Scalero is no longer seeking funding.